Football Women almost ready for the season after two friendly matches

CBS Sport Football Women got two brand new coaches at practice start, at the beginning of March; Søren Riber and Søren Beck.

They had their first test of the team, and their own abilities at the friendly match against Heimdal Bk last Saturday (on the 5th of March) at Ryparken.

Heimdal Bk. vs. CBS Sport

Goal: Eva
Defense: Lidegaard, Lone, Signe B, Majbritt
Midfield: Ása, Birgitte, Line, CC
Striker: Birita, Darija
Subs: Astrid, Rikke, Michelle

The match started out with Heimdal Bk getting in the lead with 1-0, as Eva got a little bit to far out of the goal and therefore didn’t have a chance to make the save. But this was more than enough to get CBS Sport started. Only a few minutes later Darija made it 1-1 by a pass from Ása. Before first half was over Ása more or less took it all the way from her wing position and put it nicely in the goal. 2-1 by half time.
At second half, Lidegaard got a great pass from Birgitte and made the score 1-3. Later on at a free kick, Birgitte made a direct score; 1-4. At half time Birita was put in the goal, and managed to save the first attempt, but nevertheless, Heimdal Bk managed to get a goal; 2-4. Astrid who had been put on the top was eager to get a goal, but got it right on the frame with a hell of a shot. Afterwards Heimdal Bk managed to score again; 3-4, and short time after, they actually scored again, but the referee ruled free kick in favour of Lone in the defense, so the goal was disallowed. Before the final whistle, Astrid got her goal as deserved. More or less like Ása in first half, she took it all the way and kicked it nicely in the goal receipted with her famous acrobatics. To big amusement for the CBS Sport supporters.

The match ended 3-5 in favour of CBS Sport, with a referee who more or less whistled the match away with off-side rulings every ten minutes, but all in all a good match. Ása was voted Woman of the Match – she’s a former IF Føroyar player and as she’s Birita’s sister, we are counting on Birita to convince her to start at CBS Sport.

B93 vs. CBS Sport

Goal: Christel
Defense: Camilla Borg, Signe P, Signe B, Majbritt
Midfield: Darija, Birgitte, Line, CC
Striker: Birita, Eva
Subs: Lidegaard, Cecilie H

The match started out very well, and CBS Sport was good at making passes, but never really got dangerous to B93. After 30 minutes of play B93 got a corner, which ended up in some mess-up in front of the goal – which B93 exploited; 1-0 in favour of B93. Few minutes before half time, B93 got another goal, which just got Christel on the wrong foot; 2-0.
A few minutes in the second half, B93 had a shot from the distance and despite Christels good reflexes, it went pass her and in the goal; 3-0. Ten minutes later, B93 tried with a shot from the distance again – this time Christel had a great save, but unfortunately the ball bounced back in the feet of a striker and they got a goal; 4-0. In the dying minutes of second half, a B93 player got a good pass, outran Majbritt and scored on defenseless Christel. Final result; 5-0.

Camilla Borg was voted Woman of the Match and excelled her self more than once with great defense and even great headers despite her being one of the shortest of our players. Well done!

To sum up, we had a great match against Heimdal Bk, which made us fell like the best, and afterwards a match against B93 that displayed that we still got some work to do. Furthermore it is worth mentioning that the Heimdal Bk team we met apparantly was their 3rd team, who’s in the Serie below CBS Sport. B93 just got promoted to Københavnerserien (a Serie higher than Serie 1, which CBS Sport plays in) and therefore we can carefully conclude that we probably are gonna do alright in our Serie 1.

And lastly, thank you to all the supporters!