Football Women starts their 7-a-side tournament with a win!

Wednesday the 6th of april CBS Sport Womens Football played their first 7-a-side league-match in CBS Sport Football Women’s history. And what a premier!

BK. Døvania against CBS Sport

Goal: Tanita
Defense: Line and Camilla Borg
Midfield: CC, Birgitte and Christina Lidegaard
Striker: Astrid
Subs: Christina Hansen, Eva and Katrine Brunsgaard

CBS Sport played away againts BK. Døvania, in the first match of the season. With the help from great spectators the girls were ready to get started.

The match got of to a great start after only one minute, where Christina Lidegaard scored with a little help from the Døvania goalie. The next 10 minutes CBS Sport played the ball around with minor chances but no goals. But then in the 11th minute Astrid went for a run against both Døvania defenders and after an assist from Birgitte (with her left foot) – 2-0 CBS Sport.

And then the goalshower started. at the 19th minute CC got a nice pass from Birgitte and then 3-0. Four minutes later Line wanted to show that even though you are a defender you can still score goals, and with an assist from Hansen 4-0.

Only one minute later Birgitte got tired of assists and tumbled through three Døvania defenders, who would not get out of the way. But that was no problem for Birgitte – 5-0. And again only two minutes had to pass before CC was in a scoring position again, with an assist from Line. Halftime score 6-0 CBS Sport.

In the second half Døvania changed their goalie which made it a bit harder getting the ball in the net. Still the girls were not done scoring. In the 11th minute Eva made a great pass across the Døvania goal, so with a slight touch Christina Lidegaard planted the ball in the net. 7-0.

Five minutes before the whistle, Eva closed the game of by scoring on an assist from Birgitte.

The result ended up 8-0 giving the girls the best start of the season possible.

Over all CBS Sport was in charged of the entire match and Døvania only got a couple of shots through. But this was no problem for our new goalie Tanita, who played a great first match for CBS Sport.