Football Women suffered defeat against the No. 1

CBS Sport Football Women vs. FC Damsø

Result: 0-6 (0-4)


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Hansen, Lone, Signe, Maiken
Midfield: CC, Line, Birgitte, AC
Strikers: Eva, Darija
Subs: Majbritt, Tine, Laura

Woman of the Match: Darija

The match

Sigh, the match against Damsø wasn’t exactly the fairytale of the underdog beating the almost undefeated No. 1.. FC Damsø was just faster and stronger, and they moved the ball just a tiny bit better than us.. And of course it didn’t help, that Cecilie was sailing a bit in the goal and really needed time to get up in gear (which never really happended).. Within the first.. 10 minutes they scored the first goal, then another, then another, and Eva managed to twist her ancle because of the terrible pitch which had more earth holes in it than actual grass.. And then to make things worse, with 10 seconds left, Damsø had a corner kick, where Cecilie went out for the ball, almost got it, but ended up in a Damsø-sandwich that headed the ball into the box.. 0-4 at half time..

At half time Coach Thomas pointed out that we needed to be more aggressive and get to the ball first every time. And as usual, we entered the pitch and did much better in second half than in first half.. But at the end of second half they managed to get two more goals in, and another injury occured, when Laura somehow twisted her knee.. The end result was a defeat of 0-6 to FC Damsø. Damsø was just a better football team, but even though we managed to have some good runs and plays around the box, so we’re not totally impossible.. 🙂

And thank you to everyone for bringing cake (there were THREE cakes!), buns and great support!

Next match is on the 20th of June against FC Nyhavn on Jens Jessens Vej – it’s the last match of the season, so we’re planning on some good football in the sunshine.. So come and support!