Football Women vs. AB Tårnby

CBS Sport Football Women vs. AB Tårnby
Date: 13th of June, 2014
Venue: Jens Jessens Vej

After a rather tough season, CBS Sport was eager to finish off in style. But the opponent was AB Tårnby who at the last match kicked our a** in the cup tournament and the pre-season tournament also kicked our ass.. Coach Jeppe keeped telling us that we underperformed against AB Tårnby in both matches and we knew from the Tårnby FF match that winning WAS possible if we just played our best.

At least we could hope for AB Tårnby to underestimate us, given the last two matches..

Compared to previous matches Coach Jeppe decided to do some changes. First off the triangle on the midfield was turned around from the beginning so that we would have a dedicated defensive midfielder, played by Ingrid. Usually Coach Jeppe has used the tactical option of turning the triangle ie. in half time, but this time it would be from the first whistle as he believed it would work well against the direct style of play employed by AB Tårnby.

Subs: Chris, Blok

1st half

CBS Sport started of being pressured, but controlling it rather well. The referee however did not start well, as he had several unclear rulings and for instance allowed the opponents keeper to pick up a ball being passed from her own player.

Unfortunately a AB Tårnby player managed to break trough the defensive line and get the ball passed Cecilie at around the 15th minute. But thanks to good team spirit, CBS Sport played on and only minutes later Kiri scored on assist from Ingrid, who was doing an excellent job on the defensive midfield position! 1-1.

As the match continued, Ingrid very much proved that she was playing her favourite position on the pitch, as she unassisted sent a long ball towards goal and got CBS Sport in the lead 2-1!

2nd half

In second half AB Tårnby started to look a bit tired, but nonetheless, they managed to get a thin penalty commited by Majbritt. Cecilie was quite unsatisfied and keeped mumbling about last AB Tårnby match where they also got a thin penalty, but luckily Cecilie jumped to the left – the same way as the penalty shot – and saved! Unfortunately the rebound ended at the feet of the penalty shooter but to CBS Sport’s luck she wasn’t able to hit it right and shot far over the goal.

Unfortunately AB Tårnby managed to break through again and equalized to 2-2.

Yet again, Kiri and Ingrid proved to be the ones to pull us back when needed and she managed get CBS Sport in the lead with a beautiful goal on assist from Ingrid! 3-2 with only few minutes left!

Only minutes to final whistle AB Tårnby got a free kick on the edge of the box. Confusion with subs did that AB Tårnby kicked before the referee was ready, making him whistle – but as it turned out, the referee saw no point in putting the match to a stop, despite his whistleling, and let the situation continue. The ball sailed towards goal where Cecilie blocked it, but not more than it landed in the small area, where a AB Tårnby player managed to trip and lay terrified among football boots as Michelle cleared the ball right next to her head. This however only concerned CBS Sport who called for the referee to stop the match, as AB Tårnby continued their pressure and managed to score while CBS Sport tried not to step on the AB Tårnby player. – A rather new tactic, you could say, but it proved to work.

The match ended 3-3.

In retrospect

It wasn’t exactly an undeserved draw, but given the great play CBS Sport provided and AB Tårnby looking more and more tired (and subbing about thousand times during the match) a CBS Sport victory wouldn’t be undeserved either.

We end the season ranked 5 out of 8 with two wins (against Tårnby FF and a desk victory against Amager FF), two draws (this match and the first match of the season against FC Damsø) and three losses.

We look forward to another season in Københavnersserien and to improve our play and win more matches!

Result: 3-3 (draw)
Goals: Kiri (assist: Ingrid), Ingrid (unassisted), Kiri (assist: Ingrid)
Woman of the Match: Ingrid

Find the live updates from the match on the facebook page here and on DBU here!

See you all next season!