Football Women vs. Amager FF

Amager FF vs. CBS Sport Football Women (KS)
April 17th, 2016
John Tranums Allé, Kastrup

Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Skov – Benno – Bryndís – Mari
Midfiels: Stone – Mia
Offensive midfield: Caro – Marlen – Katie
Striker: Lisa
Subs: Kiri (Cirkeline and Chantal)

Coach Jeppe had to make six changes in the starting line-up compared to last weekend’s win against FC Damsø, and had to make do with one substitute as it became clear during warmup that both Cirkeline and Chantal would be unable to feature in the game due to injuries.

Amager FF finished 1st in KS last season and as our three previous meetings had all been close games but constantly ending in defeats for CBS Sport, the team was eager to turn things around!

The match started with Amager FF being very physical (as expected) but also pressuring very close on the player in possession. The tons of possession play that Coach Jeppe had put the team through showed it’s worth, as CBS Sport (especially the midfield) kept Amager FF running for the ball and played their way out of pressure the majority of the time. Bryndís and Benno in the central defense rejected all attempts (mostly deep balls) from Amager FF and Skov and Mari on the fullbacks were doing great both defensive and offensive.

The goal came after 34 minutes, as CBS Sport fought their way to a corner kick. Caro took the corner, but as the rebound came back to her, she had another go which provided a beautiful assist for Marlens powr volley! 1-0 for CBS Sport!

CBS Sport kept playing for more goals, but was constantly inches from the goal or right on the goalkeeper. In the other end Amager FF didn’t get close besides a few free kicks (their favourites), which all went past goal, except one just before half time that was blocked by Cecilie and then cleared by Bryndís before it got really dangerous.

In half time, Caro went out for a breather while Lisa shuffled to the wing and Kiri went in on top. Kiri started 2nd half with a gigantic chance which unfortunately got way too much power and went several metres over goal. This mix of bad luck and inefficiency kept the excitement and tension in the match until the 82nd minute, where Caro makes another assist, this time to Katie who elegantly tunnels it past the goalkeeper.

Shortly after, Kiri made up for her misses; a pass from Marlen sends Kiri in front of goal with loooads of space and Kiri puts it safe and flat into to goal. 3-0!

Amager FF rarely got really dangerous in front of the CBS Sport goal – biggest chance in 2nd half was a good run from a striker, which Cecilie came out and stole from her at the edge of the box. Throughout the match Amager FF seemed frustrated that the ref wouldn’t allow them to play as physical as they wanted and felt some rulings going unfairly against them.

The match ended with a 3-0 victory and the team now has two weeks to rest and get back from injuries, before it’s time for Bk. Heimdal on Friday the 29th at Ryparken.

Coach Jeppe was very satisfied after the match; “I’m really satisfied with today’s victory. Getting clean sheets is just as important as scoring goals, and we managed to keep them away from large chances for most of the game. I think today’s victory is a good example of how much we’ve grown as a team both offensively and defensively, and should provide a nice boost of momentum moving forward.”

End result: 0-3 (win!)
Goals: 0-1 Marlen (assist: Caro), 0-2 Katie (assist: Caro), 0-3 Kiri (assist: Marlen)
Woman of the Match: Bryndís



  1. Marlen (2)
  2. Cirkeline (1)
  3. Katie (1)
  4. Kiri (1)


  1. Laura (2)
  2. Caro (2)
  3. Marlen (1)