Football Women vs. Bk. Fix

CBS Sport Football Women vs. Bk. Fix

Date: 5th of October 2013
Venue: Tingbjerg IP

After getting the match against FC Nyhavn cancelled, and thereby missing our opportunity to meet the lowest ranked team in the serie and get some goals – CBS Sport was eager to meet Bk. Fix, who only had one point after a draw and 5 defeats. With 25 goals against them after 6 matches, it looked very doable to get some goals and get the 3 points.


Having this match starting at 13:00 and a 7-a-side starting at 15:00 at Jens Jessens Vej, CBS Sport needed all players available and luckily a lot of the new players – who had been attending practice the last two weeks – were ready!

Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Brini – Hansen – Brunsgaard – Camilla
Midfield: Darija – CC – Anne-Mette – Birgitte (C) – Michelle
Striker: Julie
Subs: Nanna, Monica, Pernille

1st half

CBS Sport got of to a good start and a good attack from the first whistle. CBS Sport created more good chances, but Bk. Fix also got some good play towards CBS Sport’s half and the defense line struggle a bit with getting the agreements in place.

Towards the end of first half, Monica had a great chance towards goal, but was taken down by a Bk. Fix player who then got a yellow card and 10 minutes suspension. Birgitte took the free kick, that went just past goal.

2nd half

In half time, Coach Jeppe, asked for more responsibility in all chains and to be aware that we were playing on a bumpy grass pitch that did not allow us to wait for the ball to get to us. Meet the ball!

Second half looked much better and CBS Sport created great chances. Monica did some great work on the top, but also paid the price as she was taken down more than once.

The first goal to CBS Sport came, when Birgitte had a chance slightly to the left of the goal – the goalkeeper only managed to block the ball and Julie was fast on the rebound. 1-0 for CBS Sport.

Generally the play in second half was a bit more rough than first half. About half through second half, Monica chased an opponent with the ball to the corner and commited a foul – which Bk. Fix believed should result in a yellow card, but Monica stayed on the pitch and Bk. Fix only got the free kick. Their free kick ended in the feet of Michelle who got it to Anne-Mette. Anne-Mette was very cool and kicked it in! 2-0 for CBS Sport.

Bk. Fix also managed to play quite rough, as Cecilie managed to get kicked in the head and stepped on, but still played on – unlike Bk. Fix who quite often had players lying down.

In retrospect

The statistics in the table does not give Bk. Fix justice. CBS Sport has met Bk. Fix before, and it was clear to see that this was a better Fix team than seen before.

The play wasn’t exactly pretty all through the 90 minutes, but a 2-0 victory and 3 points was approved.

Great debut for Pernille and an awesome comeback to Michelle and Monica after a few seasons of abscense.

Result: 2-0 (win)
Goal: 1-0 Julie (assist: Birgitte), 2-0 Anne-Mette (assist: Michelle)
Woman of the Match: CC

The WoM votes

CC: 5 votes
Anne-Mette: 2 votes
Michelle, Darija, Brunsgaard, Cecilie and Camilla: 1 vote each