Football Women vs. Bk. Heimdal

Bk. Heimdal vs. CBS Sport Football Women

Date: 13th of May 2013
Venue: Fælledparken

Given the rain during the afternoon, we were hoping for a slightly better pitch at Fælledparken, than our last match against Bk. Skjold. It might’ve been a tiny bit better, but nothing really worth to mention.

But compared to the match against Bk. Skjold, this match was quite similar; one-sided.


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Brini – Signe – B – Hansen
Midfield: Michelle – Birgitte (C) – Anne-Mette – Birita – Kathrin
Striker: Knudsen
Subs: CC, Sarah, Darija

1st half

CBS Sport started with a high pressure that immediately paid off; Birgitte took a nice corner, that ended at the goalkeeper who didn’t secure it and left it to Knudsen to finish it. 1-0 for CBS Sport!

The next goal came about twenty minutes later, when Birita got a pass to CC, who scored! 2-0.

From the goalkeeper’s point of view, the match was quite uninteresting and it took 30 minutes before Cecilie touched the ball the first time – and that was a pass from a defender..

At the end of first half, CBS Sport’s high pressure on Heimdal’s goal rewarded Michelle, who could take it past the goalkeeper to the left side of the goal and score without even looking, despite the sharp angle. 3-0 at half time.

2nd half

2nd half started with Bk. Heimdal trying hard to get back into the match – and CBS Sport seemed a bit surprised at first, but it dodn’t take long for CBS Sport to take charge again.

Unfortunately second half had a high price: Kathrin got injured with her knee. Not due to the goalkeeper taking her down, on a great chance, but when Kathrin slipped during a tackle. The ref ruled a free kick for Heimdal, but Kathrin kept lying down, devastated.

Heimdal didn’t waste any time, and continued the match with a high pressure, taking CBS Sport a bit on their heels, as they were all worrying about Kathrin.

But CBS Sport quickly got into the match again and 15 minutes into second half, the fourth goal came, when CC had a terrific shot on the post, that Knudsen could put in.

It took about 20 minutes more, before the next goal, where Anne-Mette got a pass forward, where the Heimdal goalkeeper poorly timed her move, making it possible for Anne-Mette to pressure her to fail and could easily put the ball into the goal. 5-0 for CBS Sport.

The last goal came with ten minutes left, when Birita pressured the goalkeeper to block the ball to go out and bounce on her own team mate and into goal. A nice birthday present for our lovely Faroese! She DID have another chance to secure a glorious goal, being one-on-one with the goalkeeper, but the goalkeeper managed to block her shot. But an assist on an own goal is also acceptable!

In retrospect

Prior to the match, we’d talked about that we needed to improve our goal difference, since KFUM had the same points as us, but was placed no. one due to their many goals. And we sure improved our goal difference!

Furthermore, another team – Bk. Sundby – has pulled their team, reducing KFUM’s points by three, meaning that CBS Sport is placed solely on the top with 13 points after 5 matches. No. 2, KFUM, has 7 points, after 3 matches.

Unfortunately this means, that there’s only remaining two matches for CBS Sport in the spring tournament – against Østerbro and KFB. KFB probably being the toughest opponent.

Lastly, thank you to all the great supporters! You make it so much more fun!

Result: 6-0
Goals: 1-0 Knudsen (assist: Birgitte), 2-0 CC (assist: Birita), 3-0 Michelle (unassisted), 4-0 Knudsen (assist: CC), 5-0 Anne-Mette (unassisted), 6-0 Own goal (birthday assist: Birita)
Woman of the Match: Knudsen (by Coach Jeppe’s decision, with blessing from the team)