Football Women vs. FB – Part 1

CBS Sport Football Women (11) vs. FB
Date: 31st of August 2014
Venue: Jens Jessens Vej


After a pre-season ending with a very decent match against FB’s highest ranked team, the team was eager for a victory in the season’s first match!

The weather wasn’t exactly showing it self from it’s best side and a few ligthnings warned the team of what was gonna happen..

Anne-Mette had been feeling some knee pain during the week and warm-up, but together with the coach team and the team physiotherapist (Camilla) it was decided to give it a go.

Subs: Maiken, Eva, Signe

1st half

After a warm-up in the pouring rain, the team was just interested in getting the match over with – preferably before any thunder storms would come and ruin the match.

CBS Sport quite fast got a good hang of the match and played their game. The first goal came after a CBS Sport corner kick, where Malle after some mess-up in front of goal got it in! 1-0 for CBS Sport!

Unfortunately at the very end of first half – where the thunder storms were getting closer and closer – FB got at shooting range and took the shot; Cecilie was out in full length but not far enough to take the ball that got into the goal close to the right post. 1-1.

Right after, Mia managed to twist her knee in some way, forcing her to carried out of the pitch. Not good.

The ref called half time, and as the rain kept pouring and the thunder storms was right above the match, everyone ran inside – well inside the ref decided to stop the match.
The aftermath

The ref was quite sure that the teams were to just play second half some other day, but it is unsure whether DBU KĂžbenhavn will schedule an entire new match.


Result: 1-1 (match postponed)
Goal: Malle (assist: Birgitte)
Woman of the Match: Mia