Football Women vs. FB – Part 2

CBS Sport Football Women (11) vs. FB
Date: 24th of September 2014 – kick-off at 21:00
Venue: Jens Jessens Vej

After the first match of the season being stopped because of thunder, CBS Sport was forced to squeeze in a new match between our Damsø- and Heimdal-match, meaning three matches in six days. Coach Jeppe was however hopeful and confident that we could continue the good play from the previous matches, and based on the first half we had against FB on the 31st of August, where we largely dominated, he didn’t expect that much trouble..


As Marie had gotten sick during the day, Mia was moved to the defensive midfield, (debuting) Mie was placed beside CC on the midfield and Laura started on a left wing. New player Lisa was called in to make us a full 14 squad.

Subs: Kathrine, Lisa, Katie

1st half

CBS Sport was soon under pressure and i.e. gave too many corners away to FB who patiently just kept on doing their thing and waited for their chances.

Sporadic rain made the ball at times go different than expected and for instance both goalkeepers looked a bit bad mistiming easy plays.

First half however ended in 0-0.

2nd half

In half time, Coach Jeppe decided to change formation, so we would play a good old 4-4-2, with Kiri and Pernille on top, Mia as the defensive midfield beside Kathrine as the offensive midfield, Laura and Lisa on the wings, defense unchanged.

The alteration gave much more space and after just 15 minnutes, Lisa served a cross over to Laura who nicely shot the ball through the arms on the goalkeeper that couldn’t get her body behind the ball to control it.. 1-0 for CBS Sport!

Feeling that we had the match under control, CBS Sport fell a bit down and again allowed FB to get close on corners and free kicks..

After a free kick, that Cecilie handled without any trouble, she decided to start a quick counter attack with a ball to Pernille right in front of the box. The ball was however no good to handle and an opponent managed to steal the ball and send it high over Cecilie who was placed too far from the goal.. 1-1.

To make things worse, with only ten minutes to go FB came at shooting range and Cecilie was again looking bad with a poor action that let the ball fall right through her arms – a bit like CBS Sport’s first goal..

CBS Sport pressured as if their life depended on it, but nonetheless, the match ended 2-1 in favour of FB.

The aftermath

Coach Jeppe was on one hand pleased with a lot of the play, but on the other hand frustrated over the fact that our chances were often poor and we would let FB get their easy goals.

After four matches, CBS Sport has 3 points, leaving them in the relegation zone..

Result: 1-2 (defeat)
Goal: Laura (assist: Lisa)
Woman of the Match: Laura