Football Women vs. Fremad Valby

(Danish summary at the end)

Fremad Valby vs. CBS Sport Football Women (11)
Date: 6th of September
Venue: Valby IP

With the stopped match against FB, the team still had to have their first entire match of the fall season. Coach Jeppe had been out watching one of Fremad Valby’s matches and got good insigths for the players, ie. how the offense should work around Fremad Valby’s defensive line with regards to their sweeper.


With AM and Malle being injured, and the squad generally having a hard time being able to play a Friday night, Coach Jeppe had to think long and hard about the line-up, giving comeback to Tine after her injury 2 years ago, and a spot in the starting line-up after just two practices for new player Hanna.

Subs: Signe, Tine, Maiken

1st half

Fremad Valby only assembled 12 players, but had more or less the same starting line-up as Coach Jeppe had seen in their match against TĂ„rnby FF. Coach Jeppe’s insights was very useful as the wings could quite easy pull the opponent’s fullbacks away and leave space for Kiri on the top and the midfield.

First half started a bit shaky, but the midfield was soon up and running, and the team was able to pass the ball around, back and forth from chain to chain. Pernille was often sent towards goal and created good chances against a quite slow sweeper.

About half way through first half, Kiri got a good pass towards goal, took the shot, which was blocked by the goalkeeper – but fortunately Caroline was ready for the rebound and scored safely for 1-0!

About ten minutes later, Pernille was again sent running with a good pass from Caroline across the pitch, behind the defense, and this time she exploited her chance and scored alone against a helpless goalkeeper. 2-0!

Shortly before half time, the midfield manages to combine their way through an imbalanced defense and CC made it look easy with a pass to Mia who from the edge of the box makes it 3-0!

2nd half

In second half, Fremad Valby chose to sub their goalkeeper with one of their other players who seemed to be struggling with a minor injury. CBS Sport kept their line-up unchanged.

About ten minues in, Kiri gets good pass which she takes to the right side of the pitch and then sends beautifully towards goal where Mia was perfectly placed for a header. Unfortunately the goalkeeper blockes the ball, but Mia is fast and determined to score; 4-0! Unfortunately the goalkeeper gets even more injured and the coach of Fremad is unsatisfied with the ref, as she believes that the goalkeepers one hand on the ball should be enough for a free kick and no CBS Sport goal. But the ref maintains and the score is 4-0. Due to the injury, Fremad Valby was forced to sub their goalkeeper back to the first one again.

Being ahead 4-0 made CBS Sport fall down a bit. Coach Jeppe decided to do some subs, that also forced CBS Sport to spend some time finding each other again. This meant less combinations and more high balls over Fremad Valby’s defensive line. At some point Fremad Valby even played with only 9 players, but CBS Sport wasn’t able to axploit it.

The last 10 minutes of the match, Birgitte proclaimed that she had loads of energy left, so she and Marie switched positions, and Birgitte thanked for the opportunity by taking a beautiful long pass from Rikke all the way through the defense and safely score for 5-0.

Throughout the match, Fremad Valby had about five chances – more or less all on attempted counterattacks, but lacked quite some accuracy in front of goal (not least because of the full backs being at the tail of the wings trying to score).

In retrospect

After the match, Coach Jeppe was very pleased. Few individual mistakes, good combinations in getting the ball forward and generally good play. Fair to say is though, that Fremad Valby’s defensive tactic made it easy to dominate on the midfield, where especially Mia again was doing a great job and deservedly got voted Woman of the Match, while Marie was safe as houses defensively, giving space for Mia and CC to make good defensive runs and passes.

Result: 5-0 (win!)
Goals: Caroline (assist: Kiri), Pernille (assist: Caroline), Mia (assist: CC), Mia (assist: Kiri), Birgitte (assist: Rikke)
Woman of the Match: Mia