CBS Sport Football Women vs. GVI

GVI vs. CBS Sport Football Women

Date: 25th of May 2014
Venue: GVI Nymosen, Gentofte

With an opponent placed in the very bottom with 0 points, CBS Sport was hoping to wipe off the aweful stains from the disaster in the cup match. The sun was high and the match was played on artificial grass – all the right conditions for a CBS Sport victory!


Cecilie (GK)
Camilla (VB) Hansen (CD) Michelle (CD) Darija (HB)
Mia (CM) Birgitte (CM)
Monica (WL) Anne-Mette (AM) Pernille (WR)
Kiri (ST)

Subs: CC, Malle (Birita)

The match

CBS Sport started of good with some great play towards GVI’s goal, but GVI soon got into the match and showed to be very calm and safe with their play. Quite opposite, CBS Sport often found themselves doing long, high balls which created nothing but just gave GVI another chance at building up their play and position in the match.

The CBS Sport defense had a good hang of things, but a lousy goal kick from Cecilie ended at a GVI player who passed it to a striker who decided to send it in a nice curve over the defense and Cecilie who wasn’t expecting a shot and therefore was very ill placed in the goal. 1-0.

Rest of the match had it’s moments and CBS Sport definitely had more chances than GVI – but still not any finishes that really tested the GVI keeper.

In retrospect

You can’t really say that GVI’s victory wasn’t deserved.. At the most – in retrospect – we could’ve hoped for 0-0.

Notable from the match, was CC playing right full back for the first time ever(?) and Darija deciding to spend more time on non-football stuff and thereby not aiming at playing anymore matches.. We hope to – at least – see you on the side line, Darija!

Result: 1-0 (defeat)
Woman of the Match: AM and Darija
(3 votes for both AM and Darija, 2 votes for both Mia and Michelle and 1 for Malle)