Football Women vs. Hvidovre IF

CBS Sport Football Women vs. Hvidovre IF

Date: 17th of September 2013
Venue: Jens Jessens Vej


B’s knee was unfortunately acting out, so Nanna was called in on a short notice – and Brunsgaard was appointed B’s position in the central defense.

Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Brini – Shannon – Brunsgaard – Camilla
Midfield: Bea – CC – Palm – Birgitte (C) – Darija
Striker: Julie
Subs: Nanna, Hansen, Rhieanne

1st half

CBS Sport took control of the match from the beginning and got to great chances; even a bicycle kick from Julie Palm as the attempt standing out from the first 15 minutes. But despite the Hvidovre goalkeeper not looking as the most experienced, CBS Sport didn’t manage to get the ball in the net.

Hvidovre had some good moments, were their two offensive players got dangerous, but the full backs did a good job together with the central defense who cleared it well, when needed. Only a ball or two got dangerous in front of goal, where Cecilie was ready.

Half way through first half, Brunsgaard unfortunately didn’t manage to control the ball when passed to her, resulting in it slipping to the opponent who went straight for goal, where Cecilie was not at her toes and could just run after the ball, seeing it go to the far corner of the goal. 1-0 in favour of Hvidovre. Given that CBS Sport had the majority of the play, it was a downer to see Hvidovre be in the lead.

Close to the end of first half, Julie got through the Hvidovre defense and passed it to Bea who was just in front of goal and could easily put it in. The coach of Hvidovre was yelling for an off-side, but the referee ruled 1-1. CBS Sport back on track!

2nd half

In half time, Coach Jeppe reminded us to shoot from the distance – especially given their goalkeeper. Unfortunately Hvidovre subbed their goalkeeper, to a goalkeeper that seemed more safe when it got to holding the ball, but had big problems when shooting out the ball.

CBS Sport went to the pitch eager to get the three points, they felt they deserved. Unfortunately second half ended up being a bit messy at times, and Hvidovre got especially dangerous when they had corner kicks. They got three corner kicks in a row, the two first being dangerously accurate at the first post and the third getting right in front of goal, where it was nicely cleared by the CBS Sport defense.

Close to the end of the match Birgitte looked like she decided to take things into own.. feet – and had a few solo runs towards goal. But it wasn’t until you could hear Birgitte yell her significant “JAJAJA!”, letting us all know, that she was in shooting range and eager to exploit it. CC and Palm was fighting to get the ball and a nice tackle got the ball to Birgitte who shoot it straight to goal! 2-1!

CBS Sport held on tight and still manged to threaten Hvidovre, but the match had no more goals and ended with a 2-1 win for CBS Sport and three points!

In retrospect

Hvidovre fought well, but CBS Sport had the majority of the ball possesion and play overall. Only a few sequences during second half looked messy and gave Hvidovre too much space, but CBS Sport managed to get in control again.

Like Coach Jeppe said; “Important win today, ladies!” – 7 points after four matches, with the two next matches being against the two lowest ranked teams. Getting points in those matches will be crucial!

Result: 2-1 (win)
Goal: 1-1 Bea (assist: Julie), 2-1 Birgitte (unassisted)
Woman of the Match: Darija

The WoM votes

Darija: 10 votes
Birgitte: 4 votes
CC and Palm: 3 votes each