Football Women vs. Tårnby FF

CBS Sport Football Women (11) vs. Tårnby FF
Date: 14th of September 2014
Venue: Jens Jessens Vej

After a good match against Fremad Valby, and the tough, but yet succesful last match against same opponent, the team was hoping for another three points..


Due to injuries and cancellations, the line-up was quite a struggle. Both Malle and Rikke really wanted to play, but had to cancel – which meant among others meant a comeback to Darija in the defensive line.

Subs: Sidsel, Tine, Julie

The match

Having two “new” players in the defensive line meant a bit of a shaky start. A shaky start, that Tårnby FF managed to exploit to it’s full.

Only a few minutes in, Tårnby FF’s striker – Balle – managed to break through the defensive line on a deep pass. With the defense at her tail and Cecilie coming out of the goal, she decided to take the shot, which sailed nicely over Cecilie and into goal. 0-1 for Tårnby FF.

About ten minutes into first half, Tårnby FF started an attack on the right side and managed to make a cross to the offensive player who outran Ditte and thereby came first on the ball, and made it 0-2.

As seen before the ten minutes were more or less what CBS Sport needed to get into control – but it was also the ten minutes that Tårnby FF needed to win the match. The rest of the match went back and forth. CBS Sport had good moments in the match with good control, but the finishes were often directly at the goalkeeper and never really offensively dangerous. Tårnby FF had – on the other hand – more dangerous chances, among others Michelle (former player at CBS Sport) who had a shot directly on the post.

The aftermath

It hurt to see that those crucial ten minutes, where the team has a tendency to not be ready enough, was what it took for Tårnby FF to win the match. Furthermore it seemed like the team lacked some trust in each other, and let themselves be affected by the many cancellations and injuries.

With that being said, Tårnby FF looks like a strong team and is currently no. 1.

Result: 0-2 (defeat)
Woman of the Match: Birgitte