Frustrating loss to Speed II

Unlike the last match full of rain and mud, there was plenty of sun.

This however did not make the day any better as the rugby team was about to realize.

Although there was a full team including a few subs there were only 4 who played back positions on a regular basis, the rest were forwards.

Normally there are 7 backs on the pitch at all time, so CBS had to put in flankers to fill in the remaining backs. This created several mess up’s and mistakes in the defence and it showed!

In the first 10 minuts, the CBS defence was unstable and Speed II was allowed to make 2 tries within these 10 mins!!

Fustrated and suprised CBS still managed to fight on. Mathias and Nick managed to break through but the experienced Speed II defence put the attack to a stop.

Substitutions were made in the secondhalf and CBS reorganized. This half was dominated by CBS, Speed II never passed the 22meter line but the backline formation was dull and never properly managed to challenge Speed II. No try’s!!

The mood was down and many CBS ruggers were fustrated with the loss that should have been won. Many blaimed it on personal incompetence, others on the lack of backs. Yet a loss is a loss.

CBS Sport Rugby will be sure to revenge Speed II by beating them with atleast 3 tries in the Fall!!