Fun night in Malmö with the handball ladies

With funding from the Sports Pool the handball ladies went to Malmö to support the national team at the European Championships. It all started so good when everybody showed up as planned in the airport and we caught the train to Malmö. After the short train ride we were in Malmö and the arena was just next to the train station so it couldn’t be easier – we thought. Unfortunately it turned out that we had showed up in the wrong arena. Luckily we had some spare time since Denmark was playing the last match that night. After trying to catch a bus without luck we decided to walk the 3 kilometers to Malmö Isstadion. After all we are sports women! When we finally arrived at the right arena Hungary and Czech Republic was already playing. We didn’t pay much attention to this match, as we were busy eating delicious hotdogs and snacks. Czech Republic won the match 27-22 and shortly after the Danish team showed up and started warming up.


It was Denmark’s opening match and to be fair our expectations to the Danish team were quite low but they proved us wrong in the beginning of the match. At one point Denmark was in the lead with 13-7 and we all had a good feeling. In the end of the first half the players from Montenegro played better and the half time result was 14-11. The second half was a close race but in the very end Denmark won the game 22-21 when Stine Jørgensen scored on a penalty with 39 seconds left of the match.


After eating, laughing and cheering in Malmö we left the arena and went back to Copenhagen without any trouble.  We will definitely practice what we saw so we can be as good as the national players (we are almost there) and after practice this Wednesday we will probably eat more hotdogs in Frederiksberg Hallerne’s cafeteria. Feel free to join.


Thank you to the Sports Pool for funding the trip.


Over and out!


On behalf of CBS Sport Handball ladies,