Get free tickets to world class handball

Come to world class handball with KIF Kolding København and CBS Sport

Members of CBS Sport can get 2 invitation tickets free of charge and experience the best Danish handball team on Sunday 17th November.

KIF Kolding København is playing against one of the world’s best handball teams on Sunday 17th November at 17.00 in TREFOR Arena Brøndby. The opponent is the Polish team Vive Kielce, who was semi-finalist in Champions League last year, and is right now in the 1. place in the Champions League group. But with a victory KIF Kolding can take the 1st place in the group.

“We want to be the best, so we want to win. We need to be nummer one in the group! And with the scenery, which is TREFOR Arena Brøndby, the team is 110 % ready for the match for the 1st place” – Kasper Hvidt #1

The doors will open 2 hours before the match starts, and there will be an activity-zone before the match, a big light show, entertainment during half-time and signing of authographs after the game, where you can meet Joachim Boldsen, Kasper Hvidt, Lars Jørgensen, Kim Andersson og Alberto Rocas. Thus there will be a plenty of actions and excitement.

CBS Sport has gotten a limited number of tickets for the match and therefor offers our members the opportunity to get up to 2 tickets free of charge. Should you need extra tickets, these can be purchashed at 50 % if the normal price.

Choose the ticket type ”invitation KIF KBH” to use your invitation ticket and the select adult/child/pensioners for any additional tickets. The discount will be deducted at the end of the purchase and will be subject to’s fee of DKK 20. Remember only to order the number of invitation tickets that you need, so as many as possible can come to Denmarks largest handball celebration.


Tickets will be handed out after “first come first served”.