This time, we found a player at CBS Sport Badminton, Peter Rytter

So, how long have you been playing badminton? – Anywhere else than CBS Sport?

I started playing badminton in primary school (folkeskole). But it became too focused on competition and tournaments – I just wanted to play for fun. So after playing like 5 years I stopped. After some years I wanted to start again, but I was missing some other options than just the same club that I had been playing in. When I moved to Copenhagen and started at CBS, the option came to me; CBS Sport. I have been playing here for the last 1,5 years.

Ever played any other sports?

When I was young I tried a lot of different sports like soccer, tennis and hockey. Most of them were no success. There were really only two sports that could keep me interested – badminton and golf. I played golf for a few years but then i also lost interest in that.

How come you started in CBS Sport?

When i started at CBS I was introduced to CBS Sport. I was looking for somewhere to play badminton, and I tried out the CBS Sport Badminton. I loved it and I still do.

And you are planning on staying?

YES. Besides the badminton, there are a lot of nice people that you get to know. Also a lot of exchange students are playing. I think it’s cool not only to get to know other Danish students but people from the whole world.

How come we didn’t see you at the CBS Sport Christmas Party?

I was invited to another Christmas Party (julefrokost) that day with some of my friends.

What’s your best experience with CBS Sport?

That would be CBS Sport Challenge. It was a great experience. A whole day with only sports and a lot of nice people. I played double, and even though we lost all our matches, it was great fun. I’m already looking forward to the next CBS Sport Challenge.

Who’s your favorite player (in your sport)?

I prefer playing badminton instead of watching it. But when I was younger Peter Gade was my idol and I also got the chance to play with him and get a shuttlecock that he signed.

Who’s your favorite team in football (or other sport, you might have interest in)?

Brøndby and Manchester United

Who’s gonna win the CL-return match Chelsea-FCK?

Chelsea 🙂

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