Get to know your fellow members

Once again you get the chance to get to know a member of CBS Sport – This time it’s Lise Dahl from CBS Sport Volleyball.

So, how long have you been playing volley?

I started 8-9 years ago, but had a couple of years with break because of a knee injury. It was after my injury that I started playing with CBS Sport.

Ever played any other sports?

Nah, not really… Tried some different things, but Volleyball is the only sport that really ever ‘spoke to me’ 😉

How come you started in CBS Sport?

Well, I missed playing volley, but I wasn’t ready to start in a club again so playing on a team, where it was just for the fun of it, and where there weren’t really any important tournaments we had to win, was exactly what I needed. Furthermore, it was a great opportunity to get to know some of the exchange students.

And you are planning on staying?

Well, currently I’m only playing once in a while. We have practice Friday from 14-16, which isn’t that optimal for me. Furthermore I’m planning on starting at a club either this spring or next fall. However, I might still participate at CBS Volley team on occasions 😉

How come we didn’t see you at the CBS Sport Christmas Party?
Well, that’s a good question, which I can’t really answer. I don’t know….

What’s your best experience with CBS Sport?

Last year the volley team went to Amsterdam for a tournament, which was a great experience. A lot of matches, but still time enough to have fun with the other team-players and experience Amsterdam

Who’s your favorite player or favorite team (in your sport)?

I don’t really have one. Earlier my favorite team, was in the club I played, however, since I’ve been out of the ‘volley-world’ for some years, I don’t really know how it’s going with the different teams. But one thing is sure, my new favorite team, is going to be from the club that I’m starting in 😉

Who’s your favorite team in football (or other sport)?

I don’t really follow football outside Denmark, but in Denmark, a small part of me cheers for FC Midtjylland, since that’s where I’m originally from. But since I moved to Copenhagen many many years ago, my team is FCK 😉

How about CBS Sport Challenge, did you participate?

Nope, couldn’t that day..

Who’s gonna win the EHF Euro 2010? – and can FCK really manage to beat Drogba and the rest of Chelsea?

Norway – they’ve playing outstanding (except the game they lost ;))

And I know I should be positive about FCK, and I really hope they win, but I sincerely doubt they’ll beat Chelsea…