Handball Men vs. Pan

Pan vs. CBS Sport

Tuesday June 8 2010

Result: 15-13 (12-6)


1 Jonas Holgaard Levring
2 Morten Christiansen
3 Peter Nedergaard Jagd
5 Kasper Jensen
7 Michael Pallisgaard
8 Christian Boesen Seest
9 Thomas Juhl Hansen
10 Daniel Jørgensen
12 Frederik Thalund-Jørgensen
17 Mikkel Kofod Madsen
18 Christian Nielsen

With a great support show up (the drum had arrived!), CBS Sport unfortunately got behind quite early in the match.. The pink dressed Pan-players played it well and the CBS Sport defense struggled with some of their key players, that later in the game got guarded closely. And additionally the Pan keeper managed to save so many of the CBS shot.. So despite the fans on the side with the drum (which the fans of Pan, was very jealous of!), they were behind 12-6 at half time.

In second half things started turn. The Pan keeper lost some of his magic touch and CBS Sport could finally get more goals in. Kofod scored several goals, and when goalkeeper Jonas was given two minutes out, he proclaimed that he just as well could go in as keeper, cause he was on fire! That also turned out to be a good idea as he actually kept the score througout the two minutes! But unfortunately the great spirit on the CBS Sport team wasn’t enough to get the victory and in the dying minutes things got all heated up and Kofod ended up standing in the way of a Pan player trying for a contra, which resulted in a red card from the referees. Not good, as this could mean quarantine in the first match of next season.. But we will cross that bridge, when we get to it.

Some of the supporters (and the drum) at half time