Handball Season 2012/13

“Statistics are like a miniskirt. It gives lots of good ideas but hide the most important. “
– Ebbe Skovdahl

With that in mind lets take a look at some of the handball statistics for the season 2012/13:

Top attendance

  1. Christoffer Larsen 86%
  2. Berit Strømme Andersen 75%
  3. Britt Lorenzen 75%
  4. Henriette Haugaard Jensen 72%
  5. Lærke Mindegaard 72%
  6. Nadia Otte 69%
  7. Stine Corlin Christensen 69%
  8. Mikkel Sandris 67%
  9. Anna Pors Andersen 64%
  10. Maria Johnsen 64%

Top 3 attendance among the players are Berit Andersen, Britt Lorenzen and Henriette Jensen. The statistics does ie. not take matches on practice days or injuries into account. It does however indicate that these players in general are someone who you can rely on – well done.

The season in numbers

CBS SPORT 1 Summer 10 8 1 1 161 113 17 85% 1/6
CBS SPORT 2 Summer 10 5 1 4 167 167 11 55% 3/6
CBS SPORT 1 Serie 1 16 8 1 7 365 327 17 53% 5/10
CBS SPORT 2 Serie 1 16 7 0 1 273 319 14 44% 6/10
CBS SPORT 3 Serie 3 fall 10 5 0 5 121 136 10 50% 4/6
CBS SPORT 3 Serie 3 spring 8 4 0 4 126 122 8 50% 2/5
Total 70 37 3 30 1213 1184 77 55%

CBS SPORT A Beach handball 4 2 0 2 104 109 4 50% 3/5
CBS SPORT B Beach handball 4 1 0 3 98 111 2 25% 3/5
Total 8 3 0 5 202 220 6 38%

Overall, the handball teams played 70 ordinary games. This lead to 37 victories, 3 draws and and 30 defeats. In total the teams scored 1,184 goals and conceded 1,184. This resulted in 77 points in total of of 140 possible (55%).


#Dammit #Undesirable #Unjust #Intolerable #Ridiculous

These are just some of the words one could list to ‘paint the picture’ of how much we suffered from injuries this season. From severe concussions, broken hands, shoulder and leg injuries to very serious knee injuries x 2 (and so on..). The whole season was plagued by injurie after injurie.

To all of you who still suffers from injuries – we wish you the best – and hope for a quickly (as possible) recovery (including Gry, Michelle, Julie, Nadia, Maria x 2, Lina (hope i did’nt forget anybody)).

1st team

The first team ended up on a 5th place (out of 9 teams) in the fall. This leaves 4 teams below (including the local rivals Frederiksberg HK and BK Ydun) and 4 above in the table. The team got a total of 17 points out of 32 possible. This also meant, that the first team ended 7 points below the second place that ensures promotion. The goal score ended with a +38. The overall statistics obviously does not reveal everything. The season’s start was awful in terms of points. Thus, the team lost 3 of the first games.

Fortunately, the team then started improve the game and thereby garnering more points. Throughout the (regular) season, the play got increasingly better. In one of the last rounds the team lost only with one goal (in the last seconds) to the number one team Ajax København. With the season start in mind, one cannot complain about the overall outcome.

There were several highlights during the season, including a +2 goal victory against FIF (3rd place), a +10 goal victory against KSG and a +21 goal victory against Team København. Several players could be highlighted, among them our goalkeepers Henriette and Stefanie who in turns have done a great job on goal, our ‘defense coordinators’ Nadia and Amalie who are always ready to hand out beatings – and last but not least Berit who is always present, running and thus showing (more than expected) amount of commitment.

Player of the year: Nadia Otte (read why here)

2nd team

The CBS Sport Handball teams have often had a quite high turnover rate in tems of players. This year was no different. A number of our Norwegians went home, and furthermore we had a couple of players who went on exchange. Fortunately, we also had a a bunch of new players coming in as a group of quality oldtimers including Signe, Cecilie, Sarah and Anna etc.

The 2nd team ended up on the 6th place (out of 9) with 7 victories in 16 matches. This was somewhat better than the year before, where the team ended up on the 6th place out of 8 teams (and only one point from relegation). This season the 2nd team had a lot of close games, thus 5 of the games had an end result with a goal difference of max 2 goals. Unfortunately only two of those games ended victoriously. In other words, the table would have been much different if the team had scored just 2 or 3 goals more in those games.

Besides some very good and close games, the team did also took their share of beatings. Thus 3 of the games in the season ended with a defeat on +10 goals. This suggests, that what the coaches are already convinced about; when we have a complete squad, we do well, when its incomplete, well..

A number of players showed promising potential during the season, including Rikke, Julie, AnSo (and many more!). However, in general – one player’s performance was above all others why Anna was nominated and awarded player of the year 2012/13.

Player of the year: Anna Pors Andersen (read why here)

3rd team

In the fall season, the 3rd team ended up on the 4th place out of 6 teams. This meant, that the team was put in the serie 3B after christmas. The next half of the season went a bit better, and the team won 4 out of 8 games and ended at a 2nd place.

The 3rd team also “enjoyed” their amount of challenges this season; A couple of backs stopped before season started, other ‘regulars’ got injured during the season, and even worse – the coach resigned during the season. However, the team overcame the challenges and had, despite everything, a solid season in regards to performance. Here it is worth mentioning (among others) the work of Louise Rasmussen and Stine Christensen who helped out and showed extra commitment when needed. Thank you for your contribution!

It is also appropriate to highligt our goalkeeper Tina. We usually do not take in (totally) rookies/newbies – but since she was ready to take over the vacant position as a goalkeeper, we made an exception. Tina has improved her game from day one, and during the season she has actually won the player of the match award more than once. Well done!

However, only one can be named player of the year. This year the winner was Stine Christensen for her commitment, dedication and reliability. Congratulations – well deserved!

Player of the year: Stine Christensen (read why here)

Summer tournament

We enrolled two teams (as always) for the summer tournament in 2013.

The 1st team won their serie and the second team ended up on a 3rd place. In this tournament we have seen the same trend as in the regular season; an ongoing improvement of the game – especially when one encompass the fact, that we had many missing training sessions (due to matches).

Future aspirations and expectations

A hope for the next/new season is to start up, from the beginning, with squads who does not need too many replacements. For the teams and especially for the handball department as a whole, we – the coaches – expect and aspire for a more homogeneous handball squad, with even more focus on the creation of social cohesion.

At the same time, we would like to focus even more on improving the individuals on the team (as well as the teams in general), so that each individual can perform at the highest level their skills and potential allows.

Expectations: More commitment, better attendance and more individual responsibility

Aspirations: More victories, more parties, more fun

Most of all, we hope to see even more smiling faces and spontaneous joy (as seen below).

Have a great summer – see you after the break for more handball = more fun ! 🙂

Kind regard,

Christoffer Grønborg Larsen
Head Coach