Handball Women – Mission Accomplished

The 28th of february. The squad from CBS Sport 2 was once again ready to hit the battlefield. Ready to fight for their number one-position, their pride and their calories. Calories, which have increased during the fact that no matches have been played for a long time. The soldiers were thus eager.

The two armies, Tårnby vs. CBS Sport 2, marched into the field and the games begun. A lot of shooting, defending and attacking went on, with almost no rules (or at least only weird ones) – For example did the court provide our captain a punishment (a yellow card) for asking his squad to keep fighting; maybe the court knew that in the time of war, you stand on your own.

The battle went on, but through the whole session CBS Sport 2 were the leading player and always a step ahead of the enemy. In the second half they were superior to their opponents and demanding a victory. Every single one in the CBS-army fought for their lives and did whatever they could to accomplish the mission of victory with the lowest amount of injuries as possible.

The success was overwhelming. A victory of 24-8 in favor of CBS Sport 2, who all survived this bloody fight and left the arena with smiles on their faces. – Still undefeated hence still number one!

Player of the match: Rikke Krog Mogensen