How to pay your player fee

UPDATE (August 2nd, 2014): After useful input we’ve changed the procedure so that you just have to have an account at and thereby have easier access to purchase at the webshop.

As revealed in The Board’s Blog, we’re working on a new website. A step on the way to this new website, is to move payments to our webshop.

Until the new website is up and running and integrated with the webshop, you will have to register two places in order to pay your player fee;

you’ll have to have a profile at, and
register with matching information when purchasing at

In order for us to match your purchase to your the profile at and enable you all to RSVP for events on the website we need you to use the same information on both sites.

We are aware of that this is not an optimal situation, but we trust that you can handle it and hope that you will bear with us this season and then hopefully we can present the new, cool website within soon.

Please see the video below on how to pay your player fee.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact either or

NB: Payments made on the website up until today are of course valid – you can always see that your payment has been registered, when the date after “Your membership expires:”is somewhere in the future. Your payment at CBS Sport Webshop has been finally verified when you receive a “Shipping Confirmation” per email (we’re working on changing the content and subject of that mail).

Best regards,

CBS Sport