IF Færoyar vs. CBS Sport Women Football – 2-2

IF Føroyar vs. CBS Sport

Saturday May 22nd 2010

Result: 2-2 (2-0)

Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Maiken, Signe P, Line, Hansen
Midfield: AC, Darija, Birgitte, CC
Striker: Birita, Eva
Subs: Laura, Nanna

Goals: Darija (assist by Birgitte) and Birgitte (directly on free kick)

The match ended 2-2.. In the first half, one of the faroese players came through the defense and put in the goal from far out and scored quite nicely close to the left post. Second goal came after Cecilie made a wrong descision trying to go out in a player who instead made an assist to a player who looked like she was off-side, but she scored.. Short time after, Line managed to do something bad with her knee, so she went out shortly before half time, which had the result 2-0..
In second half things turned over (which is apparently the way we play) and with 20 minutes left, Birgitte sent a corner directly in to Darija who scored NICELY! – About 8 minutes before end, the referee ruled a free kick quite close to goal – 1-2-3, Birgitte puts it in the goal! WUPWUP!
End result; 2-2 and we are now the only team who has scored against IF Føroyar! CLASS!