Important draw for CBS Sport Handball

Thanks to an excellent goalkeeper performance CBS Sport Handball Women managed to make a draw against Team Nørrebro 3.

The audience made the atmosphere very intense, why some of the players seemed a bit nervous in the first half. CBS Sport was bound to get points out of this match, because the opponent was positioned below CBS Sport in the table – a real relegation battle.

After 10 minutes the score was 4 – 4, after 20 minutes 7 – 7 and in the break the score was 9 – 9. The score indicates that the defense and goalkeeper was excellent – and the offense did not work as well a usual, which is unusual since CBS Sport is the third best scoring team in the league.

After 40 minutes the score was 13 – 15 – and the team atmosphere was very tense, since CBS Sport seemed to be loosing the game. But then the offense took a few shots and turned the score into 17 – 16 in CBS Sport favor with only a few muinutes left. Unfortunately the team missed a penalty shot and the match ended 19 -19.

The team is now forced to win at least one – and probably two matches to stay clear of relegation to serie 2.

(Goals: Nanna 6, Lene: 5, Sara: 2, Hege 2, Maja: 2, Louise: 1, Linn: 1)