Improved performance by CBS Sport Rugby Women

The 6th round of the DM Womens rugby was played at Jens Jessens Vej 20.

The Womans team has struggled since their creation with getting enough members, JRK (Jyske Rugby Kvinder) also have similar problems with few members spread out across Jutland in different clubs. In order to improve play and having enough members and substitutes, CBS and JRK has joined together for the remaining tournament.

This Saturday JRK/CBS played 3 matches against Speed/Grenå, Exiles and FRK.

The cooperation lost all their matches but saw plenty of improvements in the defensive and ball possesion. Although the match against Exiles had lots of confusion and messy play, the matches against Speed and FRK were much better

Previously these two teams would over run CBS, now they had to fight for it!

We look forward for the final round togther with JRK and the two matches against Speed and FRK

By Dan Mora-Jensen