Join the CBS Sport Party Crew!

We are currently looking for new people to join the Party Crew in CBS Sport.

So now you are thinking: Who is this awesome crew and how is it possible to join them?

Well, it is pretty simple. Twice a year we arrange a party for our members across all sports. Therefore, two times a year your job will be to help arrange those parties.

More specifically, you will help arranging the annual Christmas Party sometime in November and the annual Summer Party, which is sometime in June. This you will do together with rest of the awesome Party Crew.

It is a lot of great fun together with some of your fellow CBS Sport members – so come and join the party!

Apart from some great fun, you get to attend the parties for free and might even get a couple of free drinks/other perks. Do round things off the day after, we also usually have a brunch together, after cleaning up.

If this is for you or you know somebody who will be perfect for the job or just need more information, please contact us at or contact one of our members on Facebook (Sara L├╝tzen, Rikke Degn Nielsen or Britt Lorenzen).