CBS Sport is founded by CBS students and based around the business school, but we are open to everyone – students and non-students! We aim to offer sporting possibilities for those who prioritize areas such as studies or work above their sport, but still want to have sport as an active part of their lives. We are centered around sport, but we also have a strong focus on being an open, inclusive, and social club, welcoming all whether you are a previous top-athlete or just looking to stay in shape outside the gym.

We have nine sports – see below to find your preferred sport and information on how to become a part part of CBS’ Most Active.

(more info on each sport can be found in the ‘Sports’ tab in the menu above)


Information – sports


A small team with a lot of social activity, the practice is twice a week, Monday and Friday, both days from 3 PM – 5 PM, and you can play both double and single (the level varies from beginners to former elite players). We have a new tournament team playing in serie 4. If you would like to join for a couple of free practice sessions or want more information visit the badminton pages About Badminton and Practice Schedule or reach out to the sport responsible at



We have three Men’s teams and two Women’s teams. The first teams play in the 2. Division and the 1. Division for Men and Women, respectively, while the other teams are more leisurely. All teams practice 1-2 times a week and are looking for new players. Basketball is hosting try-outs for their teams in September – for more information click here.



Floorball (sometimes simply referred to as indoor hockey) fields a single Men’s team that currently plays in the 1. Division. The team practices Monday and Wednesday from 8 PM – 9:45 PM and is open to new players, but you must have experience and basic understanding of the game. Fancy a couple of free practices to try it out? Contact



We have four 11-a-side Men’s teams and two 11-a-side Women’s teams, as well as a 7-a-side team for both Men and Women. The 11-a-side teams practice 1-2 times a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 PM to 10 PM, while the 7-a-side teams do not practice. We have something for everyone: the first teams (Serie 1 and Kvindeserie Øst for Men and Women, respectively) mainly consist of players who have previously played at elite youth level, but now want to prioritize other areas and retain football as part of their life, while our lower-ranked teams have an increasing importance of being social and just having fun with the football.

Male players interested in joining a team should write to, while female players should write directly to first-team coach Jeppe at or read more here



Handball has a single Men’s team in Serie 1 and two Women’s teams in Serie 1 and Serie 2. All teams practice once a week (Thursday evenings). Despite having high ambitions and requiring prospective players to have played before, the teams also have a large focus on the social aspects by e.g. participating in other tournaments such as beach handball. Prospective players for any of the teams should contact our team of Handball Responsibles, at



With both a Men’s and a Women’s team, the aim is to play rugby in an international forum of Danish and foreign students and have fun at the same time, hence the level of experience does not matter – both experienced players and beginners are welcome. Practice is Mondays and Wednesdays from 6 PM – 8 PM. Socializing is an especially big part of the rugby team, both through practices, rugby matches, and post-match pub crawling. If you want to get involved with one of the most popular games in the world, send an email to Men’s coach Jacob at (both male and female players).



Unlike the other teamsports, CBS Sport Tennis simply offers members the possibility to play tennis as either singles or doubles at student-friendly prices. If you do not already have a partner we hold try-outs that match you with players of similar ability in the format you want to play. We offer court times all week days between 8 AM and 2 PM and a membership gives you a certain time slot for the whole season. Questions not answered under the ‘About’ section of Tennis should be sent to



We have four teams: a competitive mix team, two more casual mix teams, and an all-female team. Practice is once a week (the day depends on the team). The teams do not have their own tournaments, but CBS Sport participates in various short tournaments during the year where players from all teams can sign up: approximately once a month we play a mixed tournament in Sundby, Amager (SVBK), we have open-practice Fridays, and we have occasionally also participated in tournaments abroad. Prospective players should contact



CBS Sport is a voluntary student organization, which sets out to gather all sports activities throughout CBS campus and promote sport and student society at CBS. Volunteers are what makes this club run and we have several options for those who want to make a difference:

In addition to our organized sports we offer a variety of sporting activities such as CBS Sport Dodgeball, Street Football, and Campus Relay. Want to develop your project leader skills and help plan and execute the event? Or do you simply want to chip in and be part of a team creating a fantastic event? Then get in touch with our Events Manager at

We also have an Executive Management team who run the club on a day-to-day basis, set the direction for the club together with the Board, and work both on a operational and strategic level in building the organization. Often students returning from their exchange semesters and who want to work on a long-term project during their Masters studies while developing their capabilities within leadership project management, communication, people motivation and development, and strategy. Want to be a part of the top-management and help take the club to the next level, then send an email to