M11.2’s Football Player of the Year 2015

True to tradition, the (majority of the) Football Player of the Year Awards were handed out at the Christmas Party. Stef Alrink was awarded Player of the Year on the 2nd team.

The fall season of 2015 saw the coming together of an all new CBS Sport 11-a-side team. New coaches, new players and a lot of new challenges. Giving players a comfortable atmosphere that motivates them to perform was our first priority. Reaching our objectives were made possible by the contributions of Stef Alfrink.

Stef Alrink was one of the first names on the team sheet and part of a very stable defensive line. Stef showed his versatility and established himself as the leader in the dressing room and on the field.

He was rewarded with the captains armband for his contributions and I was very pleased to announce him as the player of the year.

I am confident if players continue to show the same enthusiasm with Stef guiding them from the back, this team has a bright future!

Congratulations, Stef!

Best regards,

Hashaam Khan
Head Coach