M11.3’s Football Player of the Year 2015

True to tradition, the (majority of the) Football Player of the Year Awards were handed out at the Christmas Party. Stef Alrink was awarded Player of the Year on the 2nd team.

On a team, which in relation to the previous season, has approximately 23 new players out of 29 players. The team, which had only one goal and that was to play together as a team and avoid relegation. The mission was accomplished after a great team-performance and only because the team has not played together before this season – we didn’t get more points than they got. The team several times during the season lost points due to fuzziness, more than poor performance and lucky goals from the opponent.

Especially a few players stood out. Here are the five that was nominated for player of the year:

Lars Rye Petersen

Captain of the team. Hard-working player who spends much time to get the team to work as a team, especially socially. Started the season as a striker and after a couple of games where he failed to score, he was relegated as defensive midfield, where he showed his worth. Especially a match where he started as a striker and then down the middle, then on the defensive middle, where he played the rest of the season and showed that it was his right place.

Lars Kün Vollset

Was made vice captain during the season, when Andreas Hejsel didn’t have time because of work. Before he became vice captain, he was a leader, and he keeps on showing his potential. He scored an important goal in a victory against another of our rivals in the bottom of the league. He’s assist king with 4 assists. Showed several times through the season, that he was a good playmaker and that a lot of the play went through him.

Adrien Lienard

Belgian defender, who in the beginning didn’t played on the team, because he didn’t know the style of the play. When he FINALLY got his debut, nobody questioned what kind of class defend player he was. Aggresive, smart, stabil and not at least ROCK SOLID in his tackles. The man who scored the seasons last goal, who secured us from relegation. A shame the he has left back home to Belgium.

Tobias Jeremiassen

A player, who in the first game started as attacker. It was his last match as attacker, as he showed talent as #8. When he was moved down there, he was clearly 10 times better there than as a attacker. He drove around with our opponents, and 5 goals from the midfield – THAT shows class. Technical amazing, great physics, great in the air and outruns all defenders WITH the ball. Really a talented player. Named 4 times as the player of the match out of 8.

Christoffer Grønager

A central defender, who easily would be underestimated because of his size. BUT you shouldn’t. Not the best in the air, but wins 90% of his run-duels and create his own places amazing. When he plays in defends, it is calm and together. When he is not there you can see that he is missing. One game, the opponents kept running through our defense in first half and only our class goalkeeper kept it 0-0 to the break – Christoffer was subbed in and only 2 shots from the opponents in the second half because of him. One of the shots did go in, but he goes on the field and shows leadership in the defend. To bad that he didn’t get more games than the 5-6..

The team voted for the player of the year, and Tobias won very big. The team hopes that you can keep it together and play for promotion in the spring, because the team has the potential for it.

Congratulations, Tobias!

Best regards,

Mohammed Ibrahim,
Head Coach