Meet our new Sports Manager

As Rikke Hedegaard Larsen decided to pass on the torch, the Board found a new Sportsmanager in Sandra Mulvad. Sandra is 27 years old and studies BSc. International Business. We sat her down to ask her some different questions, so you could all get to know her better:

Favourite sport to play?
– I would love to be able to play football and handball, but as I am double-jointed I always end up being injured in contact sports. After too many months spent on crutches(!) and even more spent with physiotherapists, I have learned to love fitness and functional training. I also have a new-found love for water sports such as SUP and windsurfing, but somehow the Danish climate doesn’t favour such sports too much.

Favourite sport to watch?
– Football (soccer) and handball are my favorites to watch live as well as on television.

Why did you apply for the position as Sportsmanager?
– Sport, at an amateur level as well as professional level, unites people – participants as well as spectators – like no other activity I know of. I want to enable our organization to create bigger and unforgettable sport experiences for our athletes as well as the entire CBS student body. I look very much forward to help our sports representatives develop their sports and to create many interesting sports moments for all CBS students. My mission is that we, through CBS Sport, create even more and bigger experiences, results and friendships, which will last for a lifetime.

Bike or public transport?

– My bike and I are inseparable! We enjoy the sun and fight heavy winds and rain together. I have also recently realized that road and mountain biking are fantastic activities in warmer climates and beautiful hilly and varied landscapes.
Dress or pants?
– Both! (Rarely at the same time, though!)

Which song gets you on the dancefloor?
– Though I’m really not a great dancer, (too) many songs have that effect on me! Including everything from “Dancing In The Street” and “Karma Chameleon” to practically any Bruno Mars song. And yes, songs like “Alla Som Inte Dansar” and “L’amour Toujour” have also had that effect (embarrassing as it is).

Beef or salad?
– Both – they are a great match!

Sandra ended the interview with expressing how eager she is to get properly started:

– “Should you have any questions or ideas for sports / sports related activities, then do not hesitate to contact me at or come say hi at CBS Sport Day on February 11th (where you can also meet representatives from our different sports and our awesome volunteers) or at the Equity Workshop on February 28th. I look very much forward to meeting you all and to arrange and enjoy many great (sports) moments together.”

Welcome on board, Sandra!