Mercuriales 2011 – Here we come!

A couple of weeks ago, we announces that we would not be going back to Paris this year for our trip, but as anything else, things can change very fast. Unfortunately, our alternative fell through due to some difficulties concerning the tournament, which meant that we had to look somewhere else.

Luckely, we recieved an invitation to the 2011 Mercuriales at HEC near Versailles outside Paris – a tournament we participated in in 2007 and 2008 – and with the possibillity to send no less than 6 of our sports there, that is the place for us again. The tournament is played from the 7th of April to the 10th of April

So, just to make it clear – it is not the same tournament which we have participated in the last 2 years – The Mercuriales will be played on Campus at HEC Business School just outside Paris, and all participants will live in nearby hotels.

Read on to know more, or sign up here!


The following tournaments will be played at the Mercuriales:

Mens football (11 a-side)

Womens football (7 a-side)

Mens handball

Womens handball

Mens basketball

Womens basketball

Mens volleyball

Womens volleyball

Mens rugby (rugby union)

Womens rugby (sevens)

Tennis (Teams of 2 – 1 male and 1 female. 2 singles and a mix-double played)

Just as last year, there will be a maximum number of players for each team – This means that registration to a sport will close when a team is full, and will not re-open until enough have signed up to form 2 teams. The maximum number of players for each sport is as follows:

Mens football – 14

Womens football – 10

Mens/Womens handball – 12

Mens/Womens Volleyball – 10

Mens/Womens Rugby – No Limit

Tennis – 2

As the registration for the Mercuriales is still open, we do not know yet how many matches each sport will get. That will of course depend on the total number of participants. It is expected though, that the total number of participants for the Mercuriales will be around 500.


The price for the tournament will be DKK 940 and will include:

– 3 nights in hotel

– Food and drink throuout the Mercuriales

– Entry to all parties organized from by the Mercuriales – both at campus and in Paris

– Transportation between the hotel and campus throughout the Mercuriales

– transportation to the big party in Paris

Transportation to and from Paris:

As the last years, transportation is not included in the price for the tournament. We will look into a bus if there is an interest in this – otherwise transportion is for yourself to figure out. A guess is that a return plane ticket will be between DKK 1.200 and DKK 1.500, but you will need to look that yourself if you choose to go by plane.

Signing up:

In order to sign up for the 2011 Mercuriales, please click here

Please note, that deadline for signing up is February 20th! Gather your team and sign up now


We are at the moment trying to find one person from each sport to help making sure their sport gets all the information needed and be as involved in the process as possible. If you would like to help out with this, please contact your sportsresponsible. As soon as we have someone from all 6 sports, these should be able to answer all the qustions you might have.

If you have any other questions, you can also always write an e-mail to

We hope to see teams from all 6 sports at the Mercuriales, so we can win the overall price for the 4th successive year going abroad.

Best regards,

Jonathan Rasmusson and Thomas Staalager