New CBS Sport employee

Goodbye and hello

In this case, I would like to thank CBS Sport, its members and sport responsibles for making this 2 fun years filled with bills, reservations, phone calls, players fee payments and much much more. It has been fun!

Kind regard,

Mette Hansen

This means a new employee is coming to CBS Sport, Tina. She has already begun her training this month and will be here the usual days during all of August. As of September, Tina will be in the office alone, so from September onwards check out the new office hours on the website under contact.

So come by the office already now and introduce yourself to Tina Oksen. I am sure that she will appreciate getting to know as many in the organisation as possible.

Before that, you can read a bit about Tina here:

The 360 degree turn on Tina Oksen:

First of all, I’ll like to say hi to ya all and I look forward meeting you.

I’m 27 years old and come from Jutland, as same as Mette, so you can expect the same kind of humor and laid back style as her 😉

I’m going to study at Cphbusiness Academy in Lyngby in service management and I’ll take the bachelor part here at CBS two years from now.

In my spare time, which is none existent, I do a little bit of workout in Fitness World in different classes, primarily dancing and body fit.

I look forward to having many hours in your sports organisation and joining you in the various events.