New Executive Management

Statutory changes at the Annual General Meeting meant the establishment of an Executive Management in CBS Sport. The Executive Management will be the link between the board and the members, and responsible for the daily management of the club. Their field of responsibility will be contact with the sport responsible and other volunteers, contact with CBS and student organizations, planning of sporting events, promotion of the club, the planning of CBS Sport Day and intro presentation at CBS and much more.

The job descriptions were posted shortly after the AGM and the Board have elected four of five members: Rikke Degn Nielsen as General Manager, Ingrid Ringen as Event Manager, Rikke Hedegaard Larsen as Sports Manager, Youssef Shelbaya as Sponsorship Manager and Maja Friis Neerlin as Marketing and Communication Manager.

The board welcomes the five new managers!

You can find the contact information of the Executive Management here.

Meet our new Executive Management

Rikke Degn Nielsen
Position: General Manager
Sport: Handball
Study: Cand.merc.EMF

Ingrid Ringen
Position: Event Manager
Sport: Football
Study: Cand.merc. ASC

Rikke Hedegaard Larsen
Position: Sports Manager
Sport: Handball
Study: BSc(BLC)

Youssef Shelbaya
Position: Sponsorship Manager
Sport: Volleyball
Study: BSc(SEM)

Maja Neerlin Friis
Position: Marketing and Communication Manager
Sport: Basketball
Study: BSc(EOK)