New honored member in CBS Sport

At the Summer Party the Board announced CBS Sport’s 7th honored member: Thomas Staalager.

Thomas has been in CBS Sport since the beginning and through the past 10 years he has had a lot of different roles in CBS Sport.

Thomas has principally been involved with the Football department, where he has both been football responsible and coach for both men’s and women’s teams. Currently he is part of the leadership of the department as well as coach for the women’s 2nd team.

However, Thomas’ passion for the club as a whole is visible through the many different roles and responsibilities he has taken over the years. He has helped shape the club from a strategic level through several years on the Board, but has also been deeply involved in many practical aspects of building the club through, for example, his engagement in planning some of CBS Sport’s large events such as CBS Sport Street Football and CBS Sport Challenge. He was also a key driving force in organizing and executing the memorable CBS Sport trips to Paris, and not least bringing people home in 2010 when the ash cloud paralyzed Europe.

As a person Thomas is well-liked and highly respected, not least as a man of principle. With the large amount of change that is inherent in CBS Sport, new faces have contributed to the club and new ideas and thoughts have emerged. Not only has Thomas navigated through these 10 years and continued to play a prominent part in the club’s development, he has been a key figure of stability and a champion of the culture and values with which CBS Sport was envisioned.

Thomas has been a dedicated member and volunteer in CBS Sport for the past 10 years and he is an important part of the development CBS Sport has gone through.

This club owes a lot of gratitude and recognition to Thomas in where we are today, but we also acknowledge that Thomas, with his passion and heartfelt loyalty to this club, has a lot more to contribute with, and we hope that we will have Thomas in the club for many years to come.

Congratulations to Thomas with the title of honored member in CBS Sport!