No promotion – YET!

CBS Sport Football vs. 1way FF

Date: Thursday the 13th of June 2013
Venue: Jens Jessens Vej

This rainful evening CBS Sport Football had a chance to get promotion to Serie 3 for the first time ever, with a victory over the pools number 3, 1way FF. As stated in the local press, a tie would be enough provided that CBS Sport won their last match against B.1950 on the 22nd of June. But the CBS Sport team knew that a victory was on the agenda and was ready to fight for it!

The CBS Sport fans was also in place and including the 1way FF supporters, there were more than 80 spectators ready to see the big drama be outplayed!


Goal: Casper Koll-Petersen
Defense: Jonas Rasmussen – Jonas Sandal – Rasmus Nissen – Jonas Valentiner
Midfield: Frederik Leen – Allan Kristiansen – Theis Jørgensen – Robin Lorvik – Mads Madsen
Striker: Mathias Jørgensen
Subs: Joachim Satchwell, Andreas Thune Andersen, Jo Espen Vindøy

The match

CBS Sport put a high pressure from start at got to some good chances, but no less than 10 minutes in the referee started to wave his cards and Theis as sent of the pitch for 10 minutes with a yellow card.

1way FF didn’t really threaten CBS Sport the first part of the match, as it took about 20 minutes before Koll touched the ball the first time. 1way FF did however manage to get a decent shot towards goal were Koll proved his worth by doing a nice flying save.

During first half, the referee rules a penalty for CBS Sport, that was to be taken by Frederik. Unfortunately the nerves from knowing that this could be the goal securing the promotion made the shot go way over the goal. This gave some confident to 1way FF, but not enough to change the score.

By half time the score was still 0-0, and besides Theis, two 1way FF-players had been handed the yellow card.

In second half, the one opponent was still out with a few minutes left of his 10 minutes expulsion, while CBS Sport was at full strenght.

About 20 minutes into second half, Frederik was determined to make up for the missed penalty. He got a great pass from Mathias which the took to the right side of the goal, and executed into a lovely goal, setting of the CBS Sport fans in euphoria.

Now the most important thing was to keep 1way FF away from goal, but still CBS Sport had some good runs up on the other half. One of the good runs did unfortunately result in a yellow card to Frederik..

Unfortunately 1way FF got a free kick just outside the box, testing the nerves of all the spectators to the maximum. But we had the same luck as 1way FF, and the opponent made the shot go way over goal. Karma strikes again!

The match soon turned out to be “indianerfodbold” meaning long passes and generally a bit of headless play. With only few minutes left of regular time, 1way FF got way too close to goal and got a ball towards the triangle. Koll managed to get a fist on the ball, but only enough to make it hit the post and continue into goal.. 1-1.

As if things wasn’t dramatic enough, a 1way FF player got a bit overheated causing a bunch of players going a bit at each other.. The referee broke up the whole thing and gave a 1way FF player a direct red card.

Eager to exploit the last minutes of the match, CBS Sport put high pressure. With seconds left of the regular time, Mathias was handed the yellow card for running (unintentionally) into the opponents goalkeeper for the third time.

Playing 10 against 10, CBS Sport continued the high pressure, but unfortunately not enough to change the score, and the match ended 1-1.

In retrospect

The referee took his attention, with 3 yellow cards to CBS Sport, 3 yellow cards and one red card for 1way FF, meaning that only a minor part of the match was played 11 against 11. CBS Sport had a lot of great play, but ended up letting 1way FF getting too close giving the result 1-1.

This means that CBS Sport has to win their last match against B.1950 on the 22nd of June at Jens Jessens Vej to secure promotion. IF CBS Sport ties with B.1950 there is a theoretical chance of 1way FF stealing the promotion if they manage to win their last match with a goal difference of 19 goals..

Result: 1-1 (draw)
Goal: 1-0 Frederik (assist: Mathias)
Man of the Match: Rasmus Nissen