Nørrebro United vs. CBS Sport

Tuesday 15th of May


Players: Cecilie, Camilla Borg, Brunsgaard, Birita, CC, Lidegaard, Cat, Majbritt, Knudsen

Match Summary

1-0 Nørrebro puts it in, right next to the post.
2-0 Cecilie doesn’t come out good enough in the goal, and Nørrebro puts it in
3-0 Nørrebro scores

Half time

3-1 Lidegaard gets it from Knudsen, and while Birita makes sure to draw two defenders with her, Lidegaard could put it in!
4-1 After a lot of pressure, Nørrebro gets another goal that goes right under Cecilie and in the goal.

Nørrebro United DID play well and CBS Sport didn’t manage to play how they wanted from the first whistle – but Cat was slightly injured and at the end of first half, Camilla Borg managed to head to the ball AND the opponent, leaving her with an enormous headache that forced her to go out.
At the end of second half a ball from one of the other pitches had found its way into our pitch – and the referee decided to spice things up by kicking it as hard out of the pitch as he could.. Too bad that Birita all of the sudden was in the way. Birita got it directly in her head and CBS Sport found themselves ANOTHER woman down.. Cat found some last-saved strenght and managed to play the last part of the game.

CBS Sport could’ve done better in this match and we are certain that it IS possible to beat Nørrebro Unites – which will be tested next Thursday, where Nørrebro United is the opponent in the 7-a-side Cup Tournament!

3-1 Lidegaard (assist: Knudsen)

End result: 4-1
Woman of the Match: CC