Nørrebro United vs. Football Women (7) – Cup Match

Thursday the 24th of May 2012


Cecilie, Camilla Borg, B, Brunsgaard, CC, AC, Lidegaard, Kathrin, Knudsen, Majbritt

The match

0-0 No goals in first half, but very equal play and pressure.
Half time
1-0 About half-way in second half Nørrebro manages to make their majority play, leaving Brunsgaard with 2 players in front of goal, and the one of them scored.
2-0 Short time after, a free kick in front of goal sent the ball right over the wall – Cecilie got her fingertips on, but not enough to prevent the goal.

We were happy to see that the referee from our last Nørrebro match wasn’t here this time, but the referee we got instead was very eager to give Nørrebro free kicks. That being said, CBS Sport matched Nørrebro United all the way through first half. Both teams had chances and both teams neglected to make them count. At second half CBS Sport went on the pitch looking less tired than Nørrebro (who was even too tired to get the ball at corner kicks in first half..), but about half-way through the half CBS Sport lost some of their energy and Nørrebro started to be able to make their power play: outnumbering us in front of goal.

End result: 2-0 DEFEAT!
Woman of the Match: B