Opening of the new CBS Sport Club Room

On the 25th of March, the Party Crew threw a great opening of the new club room in CBS Sport. After weeks of preparing, CBS Sport could finally welcome the members to their new club room. At 16:00pm the opening started, and more than 50 people showed up to enjoy beer, toasts and snacks with their fellow members. All the members where really impressed with the new club room, which has a long conference-table for meetings, a ”hangout-corner” for relaxing and a desk for working.

During the day the Party Crew had arranged a Tombola where the members had the opportunity to win prizes with the numbers they drew. Among the prizes where football socks, Hummer training bags, Campus Relay t-shirts and many other exiting prizes.

After an hour of mingling, Party Crew member Darija Mesic held a welcoming speech and thanked the party crew and all the other volunteers that had helped making the club room nice. Campus Director Gert Bechlund also showed up, and thanked CBS Sport for their big effort on the club room, and he cut the red silk ribbon and declared the room for open. Gert Bechlund received a bottle of wine for his big support in CBS Sport.

Chairman Karina presented the resigning board members, and gave them a gift each, along with a huge thanks for their hard work in CBS Sport. The new Honorary Member of CBS Sport was Søren Low, former Basketball Responsible and Sportsmanager, who started the basketball department, and has helped keeping it running since. Around 20’o’clock, the remaining members made their way to Nexus, where they partied all night.

Remember that the club room is open for all CBS Sport members, and that you can use the room to hang out with your team, or other CBS Sport members. Access Cards for the room can be purchased from our Administrator Stina, and can be handed out to all volunteers. The room can be booked for events at the office of CBS Sport on Solbjerg Plads, where you can find a calendar of the room.