Profile of the Month: Birgitte Brems from the Women’s team!

We’ve had a chat with the long-time captain of CBS Sport Football’s 1st Women team, Birgitte Brems. Birgitte came to the club in 2009 and has always had a central role on the team, either in the central defense or as a central midfielder.


What are your expectations for the spring season 2015?

Promotion to Københavnsserien! – We’ve got a bunch of great new players in the fall season and by now it feels like we’ve been playing so much together, that we’re more like a team – a good team!

What are you looking forward to the most this season?

Season start, of course! Besides that, the CBS Sport Summer Party is always a highly anticipated event!

What are the strengths of the team?

Previously there’s been a great unity feeling and team spirit that kind of lacked a bit in the fall due to a quite high turnover in the squad, but I expect the positive trends from previous to come back at full force this season. Furthermore we’ve always had a quite strong defensive – now we just need to score even more goals!

Why did you choose to play for CBS Sport?

I had two old team mates from my former club here, and when it was time for a club change, they told me there was a new, great coach and that the team was becoming more serious. The first was true, the latter not so much. But over the years we’ve managed to combine the great social environment in the squad with higher ambitions with regards to football, so I’ve never really had the urge to move on to any other club.

Who’s your favorite football player?

I’ve never gone further than my childhood idol Brian Laudrup.

Brian Laudrup

Brian Laudrup

What made you start playing football?

Denmark’s victory at the European Championsship 1992 (yes, I’m that old)

If you could choose, which color should our jerseys be, and why?

Pink! Always pink! Because pink is cool.. And I’m very happy about our new pink captains armband.

Describe your first impression of CBS Sport Football

First match was at Kløvermarken a Saturday morning. My old team mate, Eva, who’d told about how serious they’d gotten, came more or less directly from the bar… But I scored a quite cool long shot and some guys (I believe it was Koll, Dybbie and Vale) was out cheering and the sun was shining. A good first impression! (Read the match summary here, red.)

And for the less serious questions

Scout or pampered pet?

I was actually a scout for many years, and still enjoy sleeping in a tent for some reason. But I must admit, that the older I’ve gotten I’m getting closer and closer to becoming a “pampered pet”.

Dog or cat?

Both are really cute – as long as they don’t live at my place.

Three things on an abandoned island?

iPad, Multi Mix and sunglassesMultimix

Beef or salad?

Beef AND salad!

Worst habit?

Multi Mix, French fries and Netflix

Dream job as a child?

The first I remember I wanted to be was an anthropologist (Birgitte is today an anthropologist, red.), quite boring actually…

Would you rather spend a night with Zlatan Ibrahimovic or Captain Jack Sparrow?

Oh my… Neither! I’m not really into long, greasy hair…

What should we ask the next ‘Profile of the Month’?

If you were a car, what would it be, and why?