Football Women: Promotion secured!

Østerbro IF vs. CBS Sport Football Women

Date: 28th of May 2013
Venue: Fælledparken

After the victory against Bk. Skjold, a victory in this second last match would secure promotion back to Serie 1. The importance of the match was also recognized by our loyal spectators, who showed up no less than 22 ladies and gentlemen, bringing great spirit, music and beverages! If that wasn’t enough, the spectators even made sure to take great pictures and keep one of the most accurate livescores ever seen in match summaries!


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Brini – Signe – B – Hansen
Midfield: CC – Birgitte (C) – Anne-Mette – Birita – Michelle
Striker: Knudsen
Subs: Lidegaard, Camilla, Ellen

1st half

0′: CBS Sport puts high pressure from the first second. 50 seconds in it pays of; Birgitte get’s the ball from Knudsen and takes the shot from the distance, and scores! The referee rules a wrongfully rules CBS Sport offside, which he acknowledged by altering it to be a dropped-ball instead.. Never seen before in CBS Sport history!
10′: BIG chance to CBS Sport
12′: ØIF’s #10 more or less alone, no goal, Anne-Mette misses a big chance
15′: Brini gets in the way of the ØIF players throw in and ends up with a nose bleed. Camilla is therefore subbed in.
17′: B clears a ball near the side line and takes a dive over all the bikes on the side line. The subs instantly made sure to remove the hazard.
22′: Birita gets subbed by Lidegaard
25′: Birgitte gets the ball to CC, who – with her left foot(!) – loops it over the goalkeeper (see picture) 2-0!
29′: Cecilie makes a terrible “clearing”, as she doesn’t kick the ball properly, serves it directly for the ØIF player in front of an empty goal, but manages to get up, abrupt the enormous chance with a toe on the ball and get back to goal.
30′: CC gets one on one with the goalkeeper, but she saves. ØIF has fallen back a lot after the 2-0 goal, but gets to a big chance
31′: The supporters psyches ØIF to kick the ball out
34′: CBS Sport has a corner kick where B gets inches from heading the ball in.
38′: Signe and B misunderstands each other giving ØIF a minor chance, but Cecilie gets the ball – to the supporters delight!
ØIF’s goalkeeper manages to pass to Lidegaard who executes; 3-0!
39′: Knudsen makes a heel trick, giving CBS Sport a corner kick
42′: Cecilie makes another save
44′: A minor miscommunication in the central defense again, but Signe manages to clear it
45′: Half time!

In the half time talk Coach Jeppe was quoted for “Stay on your f*cking feet!” (for some reason the majority of the team had a tendency to bet everything on their instant move, i.e. jumping with both feet when shooting, preventing them from being able to make a fast next move) and “Stay primitive!”

Hansen gets subbed by Brini, CC gets subbed by Ellen, and B gets treatment on her swollen hand after her jump into the bikes.

2nd half

55′: Knudsen gets subbed by Birita
56′: Anne-Mette makes a pass to Birita who has a major chance that ends in a corner kick for CBS Sport
The corner kick ends up hitting the bar
59′: Another big chance for CBS Sport, by the feet of Anne-Mette – becomes another corner kick
63′: Birita gets off with a warning
Valentiner (one of the beloved supporters) gets the ball for a throw in – manages to throw the ball, so it bounces of Hansen’s head and into Camilla’s face
64′: ØIF gets a free run, but shoots passed goal
65′: Two ØIF players manages to tackle each other
70′: The referee rules another wrongful free kick (about number 40, whereas maybe 9 were rightful)
73′: Michelle gets subbed by CC
74′: Loads of shots from CBS Sport, but all goes passed the goal
76′: Camilla gets subbed by Hansen
81′: ØIF’s coach demonstrates his goalkeeper skills as he throws himself at a ball going over the side line
82′: Anne-Mette gets subbed by Michelle
84′: CBS Sport has good play on ØIF’s half, but nothing that ends in real chances
85′: CC crosses a ball to Michelle, who gets a free run, which she exploits to a delightful goal in the far corner of the goal. The supporters are ecstatic! A beautiful goal in her final match – just perfect!
87′: ØIF gets a corner kick, which is cleared
88′: Knudsen gets subbed by Lidegaard
90′: Another corner for ØIF, this time cleared by Birgitte
91′: A random chance goes over goal
92′: The referee rules another ridiculous free kick after Brini makes a shoulder-to-shoulder. Cecilie manages to shout her ref frustrations out loud, but gets of with a warning

Final whistle, 4-0 and PROMOTION for CBS SPORT!

In retrospect

Promotion is a reality and now the only thing remaining is finding out whether CBS Sport is gonna be number one of the Serie, as the last match is played against KFB who is current number one with a slightly better goal difference, but equal points (16). The final match of the season is played on the 15th of June at Kløvermarken. Kick-off is at 1300 and we hope to see all of our beautiful supporters again!

We LOVED the enormous turn-out, and the fact that the lovely supporters showed their believe by bringing bubbles for the team to celebrate! You were awesome!

Finally a big thanks to Michelle Holmes, who’s been giving our opponents a hard time on the wing – and scoring a marvellous goal in her final goal, was just epic!

Result: 4-0
Goal: 1-0 Birgitte (assist: Knudsen), 2-0 CC (assist: Birgitte), 3-0 Lidegaard (unassisted (ØIF goalkeeper)), 4-0 Michelle (assist: CC)
Woman of the Match: CC