RK Speed II vs. CBS Sport Rugby

With the friendly match against DTU Exiles behind us, focus shifted to the rescheduled league game against RK Speed II. With Frederiksberg out of the league Speed is our main challenger to the top spot in the eastern second division, making a win against them very important. Keeping the last game’s mistakes in mind we worked hard on improving our positioning, eager to give our rivals a good beating.

First half

Our game started with Speed receiving the ball. Speed had one clear tactic in mind; use the big guys to try and force their way down the pitch. They were hard hitting, but made many mistakes in their ball handling and it was not long before our outside center Simon Smart managed to work his way through and score the first try way out by the sideline. This gave us an immense confidence boost and was definitely key in our victory.

Much of the first half was spent on offence. Speed conceded a penalty right in front of their posts giving us 3 more points and fly half Ben Spalton also snuck the ball across the try line the same place as Simon.

Second half

At CBS Sport Rugby, regardless of how the first half went, we try to start the second half with the mindset that the score is 0-0. Nothing changed here and we were reminded of this by coach Armando and captain Mikkel, stressing again the importance of the game.

An intense first half meant we had some tired forwards and lost some of the momentum we had before the break. The backs however were eager to get the ball and had several great plays, where the timing unfortunately lacked a bit. Speed also managed to concede a lot of penalties, but despite this we didn’t get any tries out of them. Not wanting to leave us with a try-less second half though, Simon took the ball and sidestepped 3 big guys to get us the 3rd try, this time with a successful conversion following.

Around halfway through the second half, a tackle and a trip followed by a very audible snap brought a halt to the game. One of Speed’s players lay on the pitch in pain – it later turned out that he had broken his leg. As he was carried off the pitch he was applauded by the people on and around the pitch.

CBS Sport played to the very last second, and it wasn’t until the whistle went that the boys in blue and white cheered with joy. The final score was 0-20, a result against a rival that will not soon be forgotten.

Our very own sports responsible Nicolai “Panda” Petersen has promised us a reward of beer upon his return from Finland, and mark my words, Panda, we will hold you to that promise.


We won! The score 0-20 mihgt indicate that Speed were pushovers, but that was not the case. Much improved rucking helped secure the ball and the support of CBS Sport was unmatched by Speed. Our best wishes to Speed’s man with the broken leg and we hope for a speedy recovery. We have had a few injuries as well, get well soon guys.


Simon Smart, no conversion
Penalty conversion, Ben Spalton
Ben Spalton, no conversion
Simon Smart, conversion

Men of the match

CBS Sport Rugby’s MotM: Simon Smart
RK Speed’s MotM: Sean Ferguson

Next match

The next game for CBS Sport Rugby Men is next Saturday, out on our home field in Christianshavn agaist the DTU Exiles again.

By Caspar Thorup 08-10-2013