Rugby Players of the Year 2013

The appointment of a Player of the Year is a relative new concept to CBS Sport Rugby. While we have our own ways of showing our appreciation to those among us that perform above and beyond what is expected of them, this year there has been one person in particular that we felt we needed to give a special thanks to.

An important aspect of CBS Sport Rugby since its inception in 2008 has been to create a club that has a strong focus on creating a feeling of fellowship among those that are and have attended the club. Due to this we encourage values that go beyond those needed to perform on the field, values that help develop a feeling of the club as an extended family. As such anyone deserving the title of Player of the Year needs to not only show commitment to the every day workings of CBS Sport Rugby, but more importantly to ensure a strengthened tie among the family members.

CBS Sport Rugby Women

Pernille Schrøder joined the club in 2011 as a greenhorn within the sport of rugby. However, she quickly found her footing in the club and the sport. Despite a small hiatus she has taken a leading role within the women’s team, actively helping the rugby responsible with the administrative parts and playing a key role in revitalising the team after numerous set backs. Her single hand ability to keep the boys in place on and off the field is a monumental accomplishment in itself, but in truth it is her desire to ensure the well being of her fellow players that truly makes her stand out. Her commitment to the club and towards bridging the gaps between the men’s and women’s rugby teams is an inspiration to all of us.

CBS Sport Rugby Men

Kasper Johansen has since his induction in the club in 2012 continuously shown his dedication to the team in ways that continue to impress the rest of us in the club. Despite only being able to actually play for us the first couple of months due to an unfortunate injury, Kasper has had a higher attendance than any other member in the rugby department. He has been a constant fixture in the club attending almost every game and practice despite the 40 min transit to the training grounds. More than that he has done so without showing the slightest falter in his resolution in ensuring his own return to the field and while his presence on it has been greatly missed, he has more than made up for it through his morale support and skill set within the management board

We are proud to count Kasper and Pernille as part of the CBS Sport Rugby family, and hope that more people aspire to follow in their wake.