Rugby rumors

The summer break is here, no more school and no more practice…

Well actually CBS Sport Rugby are training on Wednesday preparing for the DM sevens rugby tournament on July 31st.

Apart for that there are some rumors in the air. Two former CBS players may return to the squad, although this has yet to be confirmed by anyone on the rugby team.

Max: former exchange from Germany who was the stable lock during the 2009 season. He has returned to CBS and has entered the IB master program. It is unknown if he will play lock again due to a troubled knee. No matter what there will be a spot for him on the pitch.

Nkululeko: Also known as Kulo, after a few beers his name proved too difficult at times. Kulo has been around since the creation of rugby team and he was the strong tackling outside center. Unfortunatly he broke his collarbone in a match against Exiles and has been out since. He returned to practice recently and expressed desire in participating in the DM sevens tournament July 31st.

Whether or not these rumors are true is hard to say. We shall see!