Sensation: CBS Sport Handball Women wins against no. 1

On Sunday, the 8th of March, the women’s handball first team, played against Freja. The expectations for the match weren’t very high, since they were placed on top of the table. In our previous encounter, CBS Sport got run over in the match that ended 9 – 36. The goal for the game was to give it our best shot and play together as a team.


It all started really well and after no time we were up ahead with 3 goals, then things started to go wrong. One of our players got a 2 min. penalty and from that point on, it was hard work all the way. Our offense played with more patience then we had ever shown during the whole season, but it was definetely not flawless. The defense was on the other hand perfect.

The spirit was high and Freja got to feel that this was not a match they were going to win with ease. Last time we played against them, they scored about 20 of their goals on fast breaks. However this time, one of our players, Birthe, took it as her personal responsibility to make sure, that their extremely fast left wing did not get a chance to score as many goals on break aways as in the previous game. She fulfilled her role with an A+. Another positive factor in the game was, despite so many new players, that all of them had taken the responsibility and endured their absolute best to fulfill the role they had been given.

After being behind for almost 55 min. – all of a sudden the score was tied and CBS had the strength and determination to pull out in front with a single goal. The last 5 min. were dominated by constant 1 goal changes in the score with CBS being a goal up and then even again. After the final score, however, CBS could proclaim themselves the well-deserved winners of the game due to a great fight and spirit and a certain patience in their style of play.