Sponsor event: SPECIAL LECTURE @ CBS


On Monday the 13th of May 2013, CBS Sport and Danske Bank invited all interested to a Special Lecture at CBS. See the agenda and event description here.

The lecture was – of course – held at the Danske Bank Auditorium, and with a capacity of about 180 persons it was impressive to see that only a few rows wasn’t fully seated.

Board member and CFO of CBS Sport, Christoffer Larsen, started of with introducing the special lecture and tell a bit about CBS Sport and what sports and events they offer. About half of the attendees at the event were non-members, so this was also a great chance for CBS Sport to tell about themselves and get some good ambassadors at CBS.

Danske Bank and DBU, national sponsorship, strategy and activation

Peter Gudsøe, Marketing Responsible for Danske Bank’s Region Copenhagen, took over and also took advantage of having the attention of so many new potential customers and used both good arguments and wit to tell about Danske Banks offers for students. Knowing that he could not ignorere the recent media expose and the new campaign, he managed to use humour to get his points through.

With the good sense of humour and ability to get his message across, he took the audience through Danske Banks history of sponsorships. From having three categories of sponsorships – which basically covered everything – and resulting in a lot of minor sponsorships and even double sponsorships, to using football as the overall sponsor strategi.

The new sponsorship of the national football team already proved it’s worth from 2011 to 2012, where Danske Bank moved from having 5 % awareness to 26 % awareness.

The commercial side of F.C. Copenhagen

Rikke Dræbye Gantzhorn, Commercial Director at PARKEN Sport & Entertainment, started of with talking about her way to her job at PARKEN and the fact that she is a women in a male-dominated industry.

She then moved on to talking about the strategies of F.C. Copenhagen, on where to put focus – on outdoor, on social media, sponsorships, print media and so on. She – among others – elaborated F.C. Copenhagen’s various sponsorships that goes from minor sponsorships to sponsors who gets invited to European matches, flying with the team and getting special VIP treatment all the way.

Finally she talked about the great competition with television versus going to stadium, whereas PARKEN only has few minutes to give good service serving beer and snacks, the fan sitting in the couch at home has fast access to the fridge at all times. She also mentioned that in the ideal world, the spectators would be at stadium hours before kick-off giving PARKEN the ability to do more events and give i.e. sponsors valuable time to reach the audience. This and much more is all on the agenda for the future of PARKEN and F.C. Copenhagen.

We are trying hard to get the presentation available for download, but can’t make any promises.

The Danish and European football economy in 2013

COO at Deloitte Denmark, Jesper Jørgensen, had a lot of good anecdotes from – and an obvious personal interest in – international football.

He took the audience from England – being the superior number one in having the biggest football industry – to Spain, Italy, Germany and Denmark, showing the big differences in running football as an industry. Both with regards to how to run the clubs, how the run the tournaments and on to how to divide the millions of pounds and euros that the tv deals are worth.

Having quite alarming predictions, such as La Liga not surviving if they continue with only three options for a player; either Real Madrid, Barcelona or abroad, he both got people to shake their heads and others to be a bit afraid of the future.

Thank you all

After the presentations a few prizes was handed out for those who participated in Danske Bank’s quiz, and everyone got a chance to mingle and ask questions in person to the lecturer while having sandwiches afterwards.

CBS Sport and Danske Bank would like to thank you all for participating in this Special Lecture, in particular you who asked questions and made sure to interact with the lecturer.

We hope to be having similar special lectures in the future and we hope to see you all at future events. To keep yourself updates sign up for our newsletter and like our fanpage on Facebook.