Sports Pool: CBS Sport Badminton at Valby Open

CBS Badminton was well represented at this year’s Valby Open which this year took off in the weekend 26th-27th of September. Valby Open is one of the largest individual Badminton tournaments in Copenhagen, and therefore a great opportunity for our players to get some challenging matches.

Saturday started early for some of the players, as the mixed doubles matches started at 8.15. Despite the early start we got two victories out of three, one after having survived four match points, so overall a good start of the day. Following this we had some quite disappointing results mainly in the men’s double with defeats against opponents we normally shouldn’t lose against. This fact was ascribed to the perhaps poor decision of visiting the nearby McDonald’s for lunch. Luckily the girls made up for the poor performance of the boys, and played really well, securing one semi-final spot in the woman’s double, and further compensate for the already mentioned poor performance of their respective partners in the two remaining mixed doubles, securing two more semi-final spots. The Saturday ended with a big party where we at CBS Sport Badminton – as usual, one almost dare to say – took an active and central part in the effort to make it a crazy party. This did however result in some difficulties for the three pairs qualified for the semi-finals Sunday, as they all three ended in defeats.

To round up the weekend, despite the ups and downs in the performances on court, we were all satisfied with the general result of three bronze medals, and as always the winning performance in, between and after the matches.

A big applause to the players participating, for the efforts put in to make it a very good weekend, and a final recognition to the funds provided from the sports pool making it all possible.

On behalf of CBS Sport Badminton,
Morten Bach