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Fine box

CBS Sport Football Women has a “Fine Box” in Danish called “Bødekassen”. Hence you’ll i.e. get fined for not RSVP’ing to practices/matches (to ensure that our coach can plan a great practice and set the best team for the match), or getting a card at a match and so on. The money is used for events for the team. Thus, it will all come back to you if you end up paying to the fine box.

W11.1 uses the app PayTheHippo – contact team responsible to get login info.

 Fines  Fee (DKK)
 Not RSVP’ing for practice/match  10
 Not paying on time  20
 Late for practice/match (first 10 minutes)  10
 Late for practice/match (Later per minute)  1
 Forget the clothes or equivalent for the game  50
 Yellow card  25
 Red card  50
 Own goal  20
 Screw-up  20
 Forget the beer/soda- or washing-duty  25
 Forget shoes, shinpads, gloves or equivalent  20
 Cancellation of game on the same day  50
 Cancellation of practice on the same day  25



In general 

The rules are not carved in stone, and we never wish to be unfair. Just remember that everyone gets fined for everything and then you just contact Bødekassemesteren and tell why you find that you shouldn’t receive the fine given.

The goal with this Bødekasse is to encourage us all to be as disciplined as possible. Furthermore all of the money in the Bødekasse are spent on social events for the team – so it all comes back to us.

Not RSVP’ing for practice/match

With regards to practice you have to RSVP at the latest 24h before practice (i.e. you have to RSVP for Monday’s practice at 20:30 Sunday). With regards to matches, you have to RSVP at the latest after the practice before the match. Coach sets the team after watching you all closely at practice, so make sure to have your RSVP ready for when he picks out the team (deadline will be stated in the event text).

Not paying on time

From time to time, we try to collect the fines and ask you all to transfer the money or give them to the Bødekassemester before a certain date. If this date is missed a fine will be given.

Late for practice/game

If you are late for a practice/match, you’ll be fined DKK 10 no matter whether you are 1 or 10 minutes late. Are you more than 10 minutes late, you’ll be fined for every minute you’re late.

The rest doesn’t need that much explanation, but if you have questions, just ask Cecilie Bøttger aka. Bødekassemester at CBS Sport Football Women.


STATISTICS and duties

CBS Sport Football Women – Spring 2017, KBU

11-a-side, KS, KBU

(updated statistics can be found in the DBU app)

Topscorer Assist
 1 Margrét  1 Marlen


All mathces be found on, the DBU app and on (sort on ‘Football Women 11.1)

Contact team responsible for info about duties.

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