Foreign players

Both exchange students and students studying a whole degree (both undergraduate and graduate) will have to make an international transfer from their native country in order to play games for CBS Sport. In the following, the rules and procedures for the international transfer are described.



For the international transfer you need to print out a form, fill it in and hand it to either the coach on your team or the handball responsible.

You can find the form here. You go to the section called ‘Certifikater og internationalt klubskifte’ (Certificates and international transfers) and pick the ‘Formular for international transfer’.


Exchange students

As an exchange student you have to, besides bringing a complete form for international transfer, print and bring a documentation that you in fact are an exchange student of the Erasmus exchange program (if you are not from the Erasmus program, contact the handball responsible).

The documentation has to have the following information:

  1. Acceptance to an exchange program at CBS
  2. Start and end of exchange semester
  3. Your name

Note!: It is free to make an international transfer if you are an exchange student.