Both beginners and experienced players are welcome on our teams. The main objective is to play rugby in an international forum of Danish and foreign students and have fun at the same time, hence the level of experience does not matter. We therefore hope to see students who are yet to be acquainted with the game of rugby, and who are willing to take up the challenge and enjoy one of the most played sports in the world.

Socializing is a big part of the rugby team, both through practices, rugby matches, but especially since post (and sometimes pre) match pub crawling is an essential part of the culture.

You can find many videos on YouTube – both of how to play it and matches – and find the entire rules on irb.com, which is the homepage for the International Rugby Board, which governs the sport internationally.

In the UK, an old saying goes “Football is a gentleman’s game played by ruffians (violent individuals) and rugby is a ruffian’s game played by gentlemen“. In most rugby-playing countries, rugby union is widely regarded as an “establishment” sport, played mostly by members of the upper and middle classes.

Practice Fee

For two tryout practices:

Free of charge

One semester:

Practices and games: DKK 350 (exchange students only)

The whole season:

Practices and games: DKK 600


References regarding CBS Sport Rugby

Romain Briard (Rugby Men)

“Playing for CBS Sport was one of my best human experiences at CBS. First because I could have kept on playing this pleasant sport while being in Copenhagen. Secondly because it gave me the opportunity to meet amazing people, either danes or foreign student, with who I could have developped true, sincere friendships. Thus, I recently saw part of them during a trip they’ve made here in Paris for a tournament. Finally, I have to thank the core of the team, Brad, Paul and particularly Chris for accepting me without hesitation in this team and considering me as a fellow player.”

Eddie Fox (Rugby Men)

“Playing rugby with CBS was easily the best decision I made in Copenhagen. I joined to stay in shape and meet some new Danish people but it ended up being so much more than that. First up, training was a great laugh and never too serious, but matches were challenging and great to be a part of. But it was the social side that was incredible. The friends I made will be friends for life and our pub crawls are stuff of legend, I can’t write what we did for legal reasons! I’ve played rugby for 10 years now at all different standards but this was easily the most enjoyable 6 months of rugby. Just give it a go and stick with it, the cold weather will pass!”

Johanna (DE – Rugby Women):

“Looking back at my time with the CBS Sport Rugby team, I think of practices that pushed me to my limits and tournaments that showed off our hard work. When we sometimes walked off the field asking ourselves why we’re not playing golf and then realizing at every single game that this is the only sport we ever want to play. I also remember all the good laughs at practice, the gatherings afterwards with amazing food, the afternoons together watching Rugby and the numerous fun nights out with people from all over the world celebrating what we have accomplished. If you don’t mind getting dirty, love running and being outside and if you’re looking for good mates that support you not only on the pitch, you will love playing Rugby at CBS!”

Tracy (US – Rugby Women):

“Joining CBS Sport girls rugby was the best decision I made. It was a great way to make new friends and stay active. Ladies, I lost ten pounds while playing on the team, so when I came back home people were like wow! I wanna join rugby! So you should too!!! Aside from looking good, I still play rugby at home and I am still really close with the friends I made. Rugby and the people on the team changed my life and I am glad I did it. I am not saying that it was like seeing God-life-changing, but it was close..”

Audrey (CA – Rugby Women):

I didn’t know rugby at all… Didn’t know any rules, strategies or even what the pitch looked like. I started practicing with the girls and we worked hard, not only to get fit, but to learn how to play. It was great fun and a lot of work, but no pain, no gain! I also remember great parties and social events. Playing rugby at CBS has been an amazing experience! I found a good way to have fun with cool people and overall I discovered a great sport with a nice philosophy. My advice : don’t be afraid to give it a try!