If you want to play tennis at student prices together with your friends, classmates, or colleagues, then CBS Sport Tennis is the place for you. You can either play singles or doubles.
You can find all the information about fees and the booking process below.

We play both the spring and the fall season indoors. Clean indoor tennis shoes are recommended, no black soles or shoes already used on clay are allowed! In case of interest we might arrange an outside summer season on clay courts. Please contact us if you’re interested.

Currently we play at B93 Tennis Club. If you haven’t been there, give yourself an extra 5 minutes to arrive on time as the indoor courts are a bit tricky to find.



The player fee covers court expenses plus a membership of CBS Sport, which throughout the year arranges different events.

Fee for one semester:

  • For singles players per person (1 hour weekly): DKK 750
  • For double players per person (1 hour weekly): DKK 375

For example: 1 hour of singles and 1 hour of doubles/week is DKK 1125 for one player.

If you are unsure how much your requested hours would cost, please contact us under tennis@cbssport.dk rather than having your time slot cancelled!


We don’t have joint practices so you need to find a partner for yourself. At the beginning of each semester, you can join us at the try out to find your partner. Levels differ from beginner to competitive so everyone is welcome. And the try out is for free!

All information about the try out is posted on our Facebook page.

If you can’t attend the try out feel free to join the Facebook-page “Find Tennis Partner – CBS Tennis” to try and find a partner for the semester.

After the try out we post the booking deadline on Facebook.
You need to choose a time slot with your partner(s) between 6 am – 2 pm during weekdays (and no bookings from half hours like 10.30). Send us an e-mail to tennis@cbssport.dk with all your information (chosen day and time slot, full names of all players and phone numbers). Once you receive a response from us confirming we noted the request, proceed to our webshop in order to buy the the tennis membership. payment.

Please note that final bookings will be made once all players in your time slot paid their fees. Bookings also depend on the club’s capacity so you need to wait for a final confirmation from us before you can start the season! In case your time slot can’t be booked and you can’t find another one fitting your schedule, all fees are re-paid.



All players need to have their own equipment as the club is not providing balls or rackets. However, rackets can be borrowed from CBS Tennis. Contact us via e-mail or Facebook for more information.